Happy Independence Day!

It's a great time to remember our freedoms, and celebrate our country!

Remember: Even though we may disagree with each other, we all want our country to be great. Just because we go about things in a different way doesn't mean we don't love our country.

The founders disagreed about a lot of things. However, they were united in wanting to make this country great. Before you start accusing others of “hating America,” let's take a step back and remember that we all want a great country.

Just because someone disagrees with you, doesn't mean they're unpatriotic. We'd all do well to remember that this country was founded by people who didn't always agree with each other, and we'd also do well to try and bring a measure of respect back into public discourse.

The Fourth of July shouldn't be about hate-mongering and trying to “prove” who's the “most patriotic.” It should be a celebration of our country, as well as a time to remember to acknowledge and thank all who have contributed to the freedoms we enjoy.

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