Happy New Year! $100 Giveaway to Start Your Financial New Year Right

Would $100 help you start your financial new year out right?

With a New Year now underway, it's time to think about what you are going to do with your finances in the new year. As you begin a financial new year, think about how you can boost your finances. Your financial goals should be carefully considered, and you should think about how you can improve your situation.

Some of the common financial new year goals that many set include:

  • Pay down debt
  • Increase retirement account contributions
  • Build the emergency fund
  • Cut unnecessary expenses

But I think that there are lifestyle goals that can also help you save money in the new year. Most of these goals have to do with your health. When you improve your health, you are less likely to spend money on staying well. Additionally, lifestyle habits that have to do with conservation can save you on power and water costs. Think about how your lifestyle habits might be affecting your finances, and make changes there as well.

Could $100 Help Your Financial New Year?

Once again, I'm participating in a giveaway from SavingAdvice.com. The prize is $100. Could $100 help you start the new year off right? If your goal is to pay down debt or build up your retirement account contributions, an extra $100 could get you moving in the right direction. Join the giveaway below:

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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year! $100 Giveaway to Start Your Financial New Year Right”

  1. Mo' Money Mo' Houses

    I think setting financial goals and lifestyle goals come hand in hand. When you are healthier you are happier, and when you are happier, you are more motivated to do things like get your butt in gear and start the road to financial independence.

    1. Miranda Marquit

      I think you’re right. It’s much easier to stay on track when you have a positive outlook, and it’s easier to be positive when you take care of yourself. Best wishes for your 2013!

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