Happy New Year: What are Your Writing Goals for 2014?

I want to write more for me in 2014. What are your writing goals for the new year?

Happy New Year!

On this first day of a new year, I feel like I haven't felt in a long time: Optimistic.

It's been a long while since I've looked forward to a new year with any sort of enthusiasm. However, I managed to put a lot behind me in 2013, and I'm ready for 2014 to be awesome.

wishing for you...

Limiting My New Year's Resolutions

One of the things I like to do when setting goals (including New Year's Resolutions) is to limit what I'm doing. A huge list of goals rarely turns out well for anyone. It's too easy to give up when you can't do everything on the list.

Instead, I limit my resolutions so that I work on a very few things, from different areas of my life at once. I work to make these goals regular parts of my life so that they carry over year to year. Each time I set a new goal, it's something that I can work on a little at a time, turning into part of my lifestyle.

So, for this year, I have one financial goal, a few interesting goals for personal improvement, one goal for my home business (work less!), and I'll set one main writing goal for 2014.

Past writing goals, including working to improve, have already been mostly incorporated into my life.

For this year, though, I'm connecting my main writing goal with my home business goal of working less. I plan to write more for me, and less for other people.

Writing Goals: Focusing on What I Want to Write

Too often, the things I'm interested in writing fall to the wayside. It's hard to find time to do things like write a book, run an Indiegogo campaign, and write blog posts about politics and religion.

I want to do these things, but they, unfortunately, don't pay the bills. But, as my husband rightly points out, you have to make the time for these things.

So I'm going to make time to write more for me in 2014.

I want to try my hand at fiction (even though I suck at it). I want to be able to post rants about Things That Bother Me. And I think it would be fun to write another book. Or maybe collaborate with someone on a book.

All of these smaller writing goals fall under the umbrella of “write more for myself in 2014.”

It means that I need to figure out how to earn the same amount of money while working less (perhaps rate hikes?). It also means that I need to find more purpose in my day. This is likely to be an outgrowth of my effort to write more for me in the coming year. When you make time for things you want to do, and you still have to accomplish the “musts” on your to-do list, it means you are more organized and purposeful.

I've noticed, the last couple of years, that I waste a lot of time on stupid things that I don't even really enjoy. Working toward my writing goals will, I think, force me to find more purpose in the day.

What are you looking forward to in 2014? What are your writing goals?

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