Happy Thanksgiving! I’m Thankful for My “Job”

This Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for an awesome “job” that allows me freedom while supporting my family.

I'm thankful that I'm a writer. I'm especially thankful that I can do this from home and support my family while doing it. Of course, this sort of thing doesn't just happen. As a result, I am grateful for the following developments that have made my entire career possible:

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  • Technology: The development of the Internet and the ability to work remotely because of technology has been a great blessing in my life.
  • The rise of blogging: I am grateful for the rise of blogging, since it has formed the basis of my entire online career and led me to numerous opportunities.
  • Family: My family has been understanding as I move forward. My husband is an especially awesome support. He has always encouraged me to succeed.
  • Friends and supporters: It's been great to develop friendships online — and carry those friendships offline. I also have a great many supporters that I am grateful for as I move forward with my freelance writing career.
  • Self-publishing: I'm also very grateful for self-publishing. Without the advances in self-publishing, I wouldn't have my own book out right now. It's very exciting, and I'm quite grateful to live in a time when it's possible to move forward.

As a writer, there are a number of resources at my disposal, and I am thankful for them — and how they have contributed to my success.

What are you thankful for?

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