Don’t Let Money Problems Ruin Your Sex Life

A recent survey conducted on behalf of Yodlee finds that money problems can negatively impact your sex life.

For years, we’ve heard that one of the leading causes of stress in a relationship is finances. There are numerous studies and articles on the subject.

Now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, a recent survey indicates that money problems can also upset your — ahem — intimate relations with a significant other. And it’s not just about the fighting. Money problems can mean that your significant other isn’t even?thinking of sex because he or she is too pre-occupied with money.

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Money Problems and Your Sex Drive

According to a recent survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Yodlee, 62 percent of those 18 and older think about money more often than they think about sex, and that 27 percent of Americans in romantic relationships worry that their (lack of) money can impact how often they want to be intimate.

Here are some of the interesting points the results of the survey make about money problems and your sex life:

  • Income doesn’t matter?that much. The survey reports that the percentage of people in relationships with libidos affected by money problems is the same whether you make more than $100,000 a year, or whether you make between $50,000 and $74,900 per year (26 percent). Interestingly, those in the $75,000 to $99,900 range have a lower concern, of 19 percent.
  • Unmarried couples are more affected by this phenomenon than married couples.
  • College students are more likely to have their sex drives impacted by money problems (how much money they have) than their older, non-student counterparts.
  • About three-fourths of women think about money more often than sex (77 percent), while only 46 percent of men think about money more than sex.

Apparently, money problems have less of an impact the older you are, and the longer your relationships lasts. This does make sense, when you think about it.

When you have been with someone for a long time, and when you have fought through some of life’s troubles together, money can be just another challenge to face together. At least, that’s my two cents. And I think it probably also matters if you talk about money with your partner in a constructive manner. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together if you have poor communication and can’t tackle these things in a way that is more constructive than destructive.

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Go West, Young Man!

Another point I found interesting from this Yodlee-backed survey? The fact that living in the West can be good for your sex life. At least if you don’t want money problems to get in the way.

Here is what Yodlee says about heading West if you want to keep money from ruining your sex life:

Americans looking for better?sex?lives and less financial stress might want to consider moving west. 57 percent of people from the West think about money more than?sex, and 24 percent of those in relationships in the West say their?sex?drives are affected because of money worries ? both of which are the lowest percentages of any region.

The South has the largest percentage of those who think more about money than about sex. And when you consider that the poverty rate in the South is rising faster than other regions, it doesn’t seem too much of a stretch. But, even so, the money problems of the South aren’t impacting sex lives the most. Southerners might think more about money (according to the poll, at any rate), but it’s Northeasterners that say money problems are more likely to impact the desire to be intimate with a romantic partner.

Personally, I think the West’s report makes sense when you think about it — especially if you consider the Intermountain West. The cost of living is relatively low, and wages aren’t completely terrible. We like living in our location because the cost of living is pretty low, and we like our lifestyle. Living here in the Intermountain West means that we don’t worry much about our finances. Money really isn’t a source of stress for us (although that obviously isn’t true for?everyone living in the Intermountain West).

Really, though, trying to keep the flames alive in your marriage is about more than where you live. You need to focus on building your relationship, and you need to consider your money problems as challenges to be faced together. With the right attitude, and a lot of love, chances are that you can overcome money difficulties and build a stronger relationship — and a stronger financial future.

What do you think? Does money affect your romantic relationship?

2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Money Problems Ruin Your Sex Life”

  1. Absolutely. Our relationship (including that part of our life) was the most strained when we were under the most financial stress.

    1. It really is amazing the impact that finances can have on all aspects of your life. Since it’s stressful to have money problems, it probably shouldn’t be surprising that the stress spills over.

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