Has It Occurred to You that Women ARE “Taking It Up With God”?

Our new home teacher has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. As a relatively new person in the ward, and due to the fact that we are kind of anti-social in the neighborhood so only a few people really know the extent of the crazy up in this house, the new home teacher made a bit of a blunder on his last sit-down visit, and assumed the following things about us:

Anyway, I don’t know if he’s been apprised of the fact that we’re crazy liberals, but…whatever.

Last time he was here, he made some flippant comment about the women who wanted entrance to the last Priesthood meeting at General Conference. He said something to this effect: “Why don’t they take it up with God?” Snort. Chuckle. I’ve Shut Down Every Argument. Silly Ladies.

My husband and I exchanged looks. We moved on.

But afterward the comment continued to bother me. And still, two months later, it continues to bug me. Josh wishes he had said something like, “I don’t see anything wrong with women being ordained to offices in the priesthood.”

Just to see the guy’s face. He also thinks that it’s important to combat some of the attitudes that prevail about gender roles in the Church — especially where we live. He regrets not following his first instinct to say something.

I didn’t say anything because, for some reason, in these sort of pseudo-social settings I act like I’m “supposed” to. Then I always hate myself for doing so.

My first thought was: “Has it occurred to you that these women are taking it up with God?”

I mean, if you believe that the prophet is the representative of God on earth, and if you believe that the leaders of the church — men all, the ones that can really do anything in terms of practice and doctrine — then bringing this petition to them is, in fact, taking it up with God.

What was Emma Smith to do back in the day? Just ignore how much she hated tobacco? Or did she bring it to God, by bringing it up with God’s representative on earth? (Hey, and we got the Word of Wisdom!)

So spare me “the Lord says” and the “take it up with God.”

Practices in the Church have changed before this, and they’ll change in the future. It’s the nature of progress and what happens in a religion that claims continuing revelation.

Watch out. The next big revelation could be something that results from women “taking it up with God” by taking it up with His representatives on earth.

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  1. I don’t want the priesthood, mostly because I’m super lazy and don’t want the additional responsibility that holding it encompasses. But I’m not anti-ordain women, and I whole heartedly believe that if women feel a change is needed they should take it up with God and with his prophet. You’re home teacher is an oaf.

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