Helping Those Who Are “Left Behind”After the Rapture

I was going to write about John McCain and his rather, um, interesting (read: ironic, hypocritical) speech in New Orleans.

But this is better.

BoingBoing has brought to my attention a special service for the righteous who expect to be caught up in the Rapture:

You’ve Been Left Behind is a company that stores electronic documents for later delivery to your heathen loved ones after you get swept off to heaven during the Rapture. The idea is that there will still be time to save them too.

Additionally, it is possible to send encrypted information about bank accounts, etc. that your Left Behind relatives can use during the time between the Rapture and the End. That way the Government of the AntiChrist won’t have access to it.

Nothing says “I love you” like caring for your loved ones after you have been saved from damnation.

4 thoughts on “Helping Those Who Are “Left Behind”After the Rapture”

  1. as much as i don’t want to laugh….i am totally laughing. have you read the left behind series?? i read several of them. great story. no one did that for any of the characters in the books. i bet they would have appreciated it.

  2. I haven’t read the Left Behind series. I have a hard time, in general, with the Christian fiction genre. But maybe I should give it chance…

  3. I think it might be…I’ll have to double check. Even if it isn’t, it’s great. And if it is…

    Anyway, great to “see” you, Ardis!

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