Here’s One Reason Health Care is So Expensive

The Boy has been sick. He had a cold, and, predictably, that has evolved into a double ear infection. Of course, any trip to the doctor is yet another reminder of why I intensely dislike our most-expensive, 37th-best-in-the-world, health care system. I saw a pharma sales rep in the doctor's office (there was one the last time I was in). Then I went and paid for my prescriptions.

I've known for a long time pharmaceutical companies spend more money on advertising than on research and development. From insurance companies to big pharma, I think that one of the reasons health care here is so expensive is because it's big business. And because it's business, these companies are more concerned with getting the biggest profits possible, and that means it will always be expensive, and the health of the populace is only of tertiary concern — behind the pocketbooks of shareholders and CEOs.

Prevention isn't important in our health care system; the company bottom line shrinks when people aren't sick.

Here is an infographic that illustrates pharmaceutical sources of income, from Bits and Pieces:

2 thoughts on “Here’s One Reason Health Care is So Expensive”

  1. Miranda, you might be annoyed that I am going to go off on this subject but just know you that you opened the door…
    Pharmaceutical companies is why the controversial question these days “do vaccines cause autism” (or for my son vaccines AND antibiotics) is a valid one that will NEVER be answered because the pharmaceutical companies are too bias. There is too much money at stake to really do the proper research and give a real answer because it would cost them millions of dollars every year if there was a chance that for some children vaccines triggered autism. To change the vaccine schedule from 36 vaccines under 2 years old (which is the current schedule) to 10 vaccines under 2 years old which is what is was when I was first born would just cost them too much in money and “big business” are mostly greedy and selfish. There is too much money in pharmaceuticals. Heaven forbid a pediatrician be taught in medical school to find the root of the reason why a child is getting sick – instead the pharmaceutical company that fund many medical schools teach their doctors just to throw medicine at the problem. Why should my son have had 13 antibiotics in less than 2 years for chronic ear infections before I WAS THE ONE to suggest he get tubes in his ears? It is because of the pharmaceutical companies who are all about big business push medicines so this country is built on treatable medicine instead of preventable medicine.

  2. Oh wow. We were recommended to get tubes pretty early on for our son. I guess it really does depend on where you are at, and who your doctor is. But you are right that we have become waaaaaay too dependent on drugs to solve many of our problems. And it is expensive for everyone.

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