High School Miranda Didn’t Spend Nearly Enough Time with Genesis

This year, I’m examining my place in my religion. I’m a blogger, so these exercises in navel gazing appeal to me. I kicked off my year with a brief overview of how Mormonism has changed, and now I’m going to consider how I’ve changed over time. I’ve got the scriptures my parents bought me when I turned 12, and, theoretically, they should have all sorts of scribbles them. I thought it would be interesting (for me at least) to see what struck me as an adolescent and then reflect on how different I am now, especially when it comes to my relationship with my religion.

I decided to start with the Bible because I love Genesis. It’s messed up, but in a fun way. Just as I’ve always been drawn to mythology (I took an entire semester on world mythology in college), I’ve always loved Genesis. Creation! Gods! Heroes! Feats of bloody derring-do!

At the very front, in that blank page that so many of us write on, teenage Miranda offered some helpful advice:


The first thing anyone should know when they read the Bible is that it’s all about the symbolism. Everything has extra layers. You can’t just take everything at face value. I was very excited to see what teenage Miranda thought about Genesis because it’s so messed up. And, of course, someone had also informed teenage Miranda of this:


It was a bit disappointing to discover very few notes in Genesis. The scriptures I received in college are all over marks, especially in Genesis. Seminary student Miranda didn’t really care much about Genesis. When I got in there, I saw page after page of pristine print-on-paper. Some of the amazing notes that do appear include:

  • “Adam must grow his own food”
  • “Meet = a companion, equal partner”
  • “Obviously there is more than one at work here” (Genesis 1:26)
  • “Abraham is generous”
  • “Rebekah shows faith”
  • “We should flee from sin”

It’s really sad. The deepest thing I’ve got is, during the story of Noah, a reference to a prophecy about no rainbow appearing before the Second Coming. I really hope I have something better as we keep going through, but I can already tell that Exodus is going to be a bit disappointing as well:


Turns out I wasn’t any deeper of a thinker than any other teenager.

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