Home Business Course Review: Convert Your Creativity

Convert your mediocre web site into a profitable place to grow your home business.

While I’m not really into running an online store, and selling tangible products online, I know that many home business owners do just that. As a result, I’m always on the look out for resources that can help in your home business. One of those resources is a relatively new e-course called Convert Your Creativity.

Convert Your Creativity?is a module course that takes you through the steps of turning your so-so web site into one that is more likely to lead to conversions — boost your sales and helping you grow your home business.

What’s Included in Convert Your Creativity

Overall, Convert Your Creativity is a great step-by-step guide to improving your web site. The course is divided into five modules that you can work on to improve different aspects of your web site to draw more traffic and increase your conversions from traffic to sales. The items covered in this e-course include:

  • Branding your home business so that you are visible and recognizable. Get step-by-step instructions for creating a good tagline, and learn how to match your site visually to the products you well.
  • Layout matters when you have an online store. Actionable tips on building a good landing page, as well as how you can get more subscribers to your mailing list, help you create a site that draws customers in — and creates fans.
  • Product photography tips help you learn how to present the items you have for sale. You also receive solid information on using Pinterest to your advantage.
  • Product descriptions?can make or break a sale. I love that Convert Your Creativity includes information on how to craft descriptions that convert by telling a compelling story, and helping you identify with your ideal customer.
  • Social proof can help you brand yourself as “legit.” Practical steps to gaining social proof and boosting your visibility are part of this course.

I like that Convert Your Creativity is straightforward and that it includes information that you can actually use?right now. You can immediately put the things you learn to work with your home business web site, improving it instantly. As with all educational resources and materials, you do need to put in the effort to make the ideas you learn work. However, you stand a reasonable chance of seeing improvement when you use Convert Your Creativity.

Another thing I like about this course is that you can get different versions. There’s a basic version that includes the five modules, and that you can use to good effect. But you can also add on more personalized services. There’s a version that includes a basic critique of your online shop, which can help you make specific changes to your home business web site. The most expensive version includes a full shop critique, along with a Skype session to help you work through the changes that you need to make with your home business web site.

Anything of value is going to cost a little bit, and Convert Your Creativity offers a solid value for what you pay.

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