Home Business Tools: Grammarly Review and Giveaway

When we think of home business tools, we don’t even think about better writing. Here’s my review of Grammarly, a tool that can boost your professional home business communications.

My home business revolves around writing, so it makes sense that a tool like Grammarly, which checks for spelling and other errors is attractive to me. Between Grammarly and the Hemingway app, I could become a much better writer if I could be bothered with it all the time.

For my home business, I’d settle for reducing typos in the professional emails I send and keeping minor errors in what I produce for others to a minimum. This is where Grammarly shines — and you don’t need to be a professional writer for it to work for you.

According to research in the UK, spelling mistakes on business websites cost millions. Additionally, 59% of Britons leave websites with poor Grammar. I don’t know how that translates in the United States, but there are plenty of consumers who get distracted or annoyed by spelling and grammar mistakes. Sometimes, it’s the little things that matter most.

Whether you are writing an email to a customer, designing a landing page to sell your course, or just posting a Facebook status update for the fans of your business page, you’ll have better success — and look more professional and competent — if you avoid as many spelling and grammar mistakes as possible.

As home business tools go, Grammarly is a great deal, and it can prevent most embarrassing spelling and grammar mistakes in your communications.

Home Business Tools Grammarly

Grammarly: One of the Most Reasonably Priced and Useful Home Business Tools

Grammarly offers a free Chrome extension that anyone can use for free. It analyzes your writing in real time, whether you are composing a message in Gmail, entering a post in your content management?platform or preparing a tweet.

As a business owner, presenting a professional front, no matter what you offer, is vital. Your writing, whether it’s on social media, on your website or in an email to a potential backer or partner, is part of presenting that professional image.

I like Grammarly because it doesn’t just show you where your mistakes are; it also explains why you’re wrong and helps you improve. You get even more features with a Premium account. I was offered a free Premium account for two weeks, and after using it, I’m not sure I can go back. The Premium account includes higher integration (including with Microsoft Office), as well as helpful features like a plagiarism check and vocabulary enhancement. Incidentally, a six-month Premium account subscription is what Grammarly is offering in a giveaway to one of my readers.

When you pull up the Grammarly Premium editor, you can fix your issues, or have Grammarly fix them for you. When you close the editor, your original text is modified to match the better version suggested by Grammarly.

Grammarly Premium Home Business Tools

The Premium account takes it up a notch and is available for $29.95 per month. However, you can get a break on the price if you commit to paying quarterly or annually. The quarterly billing is $59.95 ($19.98 per month), and the annual billing is $139.95 ($11.66 per month). And, of course, if you use Grammarly as one of your home business tools, the cost is tax-deductible.

My main beefs with Grammarly are that I can’t get it to work with documents in Google Drive (so I have to take an extra step to have the text analyzed) and sometimes the usage suggestions are off with my personal writing style. Sometimes, writing rules are made to be broken!

However, with practice, I’ve become adept at ignoring some of the suggestions. Additionally, as a writer, I also find it necessary to power through my composition and then edit?afterward. If you edit as you go, you’ll only slow yourself and become frustrated. Ignore the constantly updating number at the bottom right of your text when using Grammarly, and then fix the issues when you finish, whether it’s a Facebook status update or an email pitch to a potential investor.

Overall, Grammarly is one of the best home business tools out there. Writing is increasingly important in today’s world, no matter your background and field. If you can set yourself apart with professionalism and competence as a business owner, you’ll make more money. Grammarly can help with that.

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