Why Your Home Business Should Utilize The Cloud

Lately, I’ve been more interested in using resources that aren’t dependent on my using one computer. Since I switch from desktop to laptop regularly to work on my home business, I like to be able to access my work quickly and easily.

Extra storage space, foolproof backup copies, anywhere access, and energy savings are just a few of the reasons your small business should move to the cloud. You can collaborate with a team from across the world, compete with companies who have bigger IT budgets, and evolve to meet changing demands. It’s all happening in the cloud, and you need to be there.

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Energy Savings

If you run a home office, you are responsible for paying all of the energy bills. Bulky servers and PCs with lots of files stored on them can take a lot of power to run, but you can conserve energy and lower your monthly bills when you turn your storage needs over to a cloud-based storage company, reports CDW News Room.

No Need for a Room Full of Equipment

In addition to saving on energy costs, you’ll also save on equipment costs. Instead of running a business that needs a room full of electronics, you can move everything to the cloud. The cloud lets you access whatever you need with little to no storage space required.


The cloud can grow and change according to your home business’s needs–the functions that you select initially can easily evolve to meet the changing demands of your company or your clients. Cloud based services allow you to send emails, create documents and spreadsheets, share files, crunch numbers, and communicate with the rest of your team. You can store intellectual property, applications, and codes on a cloud, and according to the Huffington Post, you can even leverage the cloud platform to develop and run a website or build applications.

Competitive Advantage

If you lack the time, space, training, or cash to get needed hardware or software, it can put you at a competitive disadvantage with larger companies that have huge IT budgets. By migrating some of your functions to the cloud, you can utilize the same technology without the high initial investment. By expanding your potential, the cloud makes it easier to compete with larger companies and able to beat out smaller competitors who haven’t made their jump to the cloud yet.

Anywhere Access

When you save your business’s files with a cloud-based service like Mozy, you can have anywhere access to your files. When drinks with coworkers turns into an impromptu meeting, simply pull out your tablet or smartphone and access all of the files that you’ve created with your PC. If a sick child keeps you from getting into the office, you can work from home and easily sync your files with everyone who is in the office. As long as you have the internet, you have access to your entire business. This easy access can also boost the number of hours that employees put in.

Boosted Data Security

The effects of a data breach can range from inconvenient to devastating, and according to EVault, American businesses lose $400 million in data breaches each year. If you lose creative content due to a corroded hard drive, it could compromise your ability to achieve your visions. If you lose financial details because someone lifts your tablet or your smartphone from a coffee shop table, your accounts can be drained and your credit ruined–costing you cash and time to fix it. By getting critical data off of your hard drives and onto a secure cloud-based remote server, your protect yourself, your business, and your bottom line.

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  1. Interesting argument. I use my laptop all the time and I suppose a facility like cloud could help speed things up and offer backup just in case the laptop breaks down. Thanks for the suggestion, great post by the way.

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