Home Is Where The Heart Is…And Mom And Children, Too

We learned a new song in primary this week. I was not impressed. It’s called “Home,” I think.

“Home is where the father is/with strength and wisdom true.” Great.

Then: “Home is where the mother is/and all the children too.” Um, okay.

I was a little annoyed. We couldn’t even get something for moms along the lines of “loving guidance” or even “sweet spirit.”

I know my main “job” is being mom. But the ability to have children is not the only thing that defines me. Perhaps I’m being a bit sensitive, but I feel as though the song sends the message that while dads have other qualities, moms are pretty much just “there.”

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4 thoughts on “Home Is Where The Heart Is…And Mom And Children, Too”

  1. i HATE that song. i got the same feeling from it. not only are the words just really really really lame, the melody kind of sucks too. i was just released as chorister and now i’m the pianist. at least i just have to play it and not sing it anymore.

  2. I haven’t heard that song since my little one isn’t in primary yet but I agree. Why not write another lyric that gives more to what a mother is other than being at home with children. I also think that though it doesn’t seem like a big deal for the children in primary the songs and lessons are their earliest experience with the church, forming their testimonies and learning about the gospel. Things like these songs do stay with the kids…in my opinion!

  3. You’re right, Everyday! These songs do stick. Even though more than 15 years intervened from the time I left primary to when I was called as a primary worker, I still remembered the songs I learned. These lessons DO stick.

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