Freelance Financial Writer, Podcaster, and Money Expert

I offer quality freelance writing services and professional blogging services from my home office (and sometimes from my couch). My services include ghostwriting books and op-eds, helping organize blogger campaigns, and acting as a brand ambassador.

I'm more than a freelance financial writer. I also present workshops and appear on panels. I teach workshops on money management and present on basic principles of personal finance and investing. I also participate on panels related to journalism, the changing nature of writing on the Internet, and gender issues. I'm involved with three podcasts, two addressing money and one addressing the realities of becoming an adult.

I have been full-time freelance financial writer and professional blogger for more than 10 years. My specialties include personal finance, small business, entrepreneurship, beginning investing, and other finance-related topics. I write on other subjects as well, including law, science, and technology. Sometimes I rant about politics and religion.

When not working, I spend time with my son. My hobbies include travel, reading, and enjoying outdoor activities. I live in Idaho Falls, ID.

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