Hurry! Buy Your Guns and Ammo Before It’s Too Late!

I've been thoroughly enjoying the increase in gun and ammo radio spots as the inauguration approaches. It's great! As a progressive/liberal and as someone who knows how to handle a gun, has been hunting and grew up Out West, I find it amusing that people just sort of assume that any liberal in office is going to prevent you from legally acquiring a gun.

For some reason, people have this idea that Barack Obama is going to ban guns for all people. (Okay, not “for some reason.” The very concrete reason is that the NRA has been spreading lies about a supposed “plan” to “change” the 2nd Amendment.) At any rate, Obama has repeatedly said that he supports individual gun rights. Naturally, there are those who take his calls for reasonable regulation out of context and act as though any regulation of guns means that there is a direct assault on the Second Amendment. (My question: Where have these Constitutional watchdogs been for the last eight years as the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendments have been violated?)

At any rate, the commercials have been a source of hilarity for me as I listen to deep voiced men urge the public to “Hurry and buy your guns and ammo before the rights and privileges we enjoy are taken away!” Of course, if a true assault on the Second Amendment was actually on its way, stocking up on guns would be a complete waste of time and money, since “they” would just come and take them out the house.

But it appears to be working. Gun sales are up. At least someone's profiting in this economy.

8 thoughts on “Hurry! Buy Your Guns and Ammo Before It’s Too Late!”

  1. Yes I have heard the very same thing. My brother-in-law loves guns but is also a registered Democrat (wow, is that possible)!!! He has told me on some of the gun websites he goes to people have posted about how once Obama is president he is going to take away guns and then put people who have guns in a sort of concentration camp…not sure where that is coming from but its pretty hilarious to me

  2. Nice, huh? There’s nothing like a frenzy of fear to get people to do things. My husband is getting a Ph.D. in experimental psychology, and they have found that fear is THE BEST short-term motivator. And when you’re selling something, short-term is all you need.

  3. I lived in a blue state once…But I have spent most of my life in red states. It’s always very interesting to be surrounded by people who think you’re nuts.

  4. As a self described “gun totin’ liberal,” I’d say that if you go to Obama’s site, the Urban Policy section, and scroll down to crime and law enforcement (here: you will see that he wants to make the AWB permanent.

    Whether you agree with the ban or not, it gives a legitimate sense of urgency for any person that might want to own an “assault weapon” (however that gets defined in law). So there are plenty of “average Joe’s” (and Janes) out there that may have wanted one for fun, sport or whatever else, now seeing the need to get one now.

    And no, it wouldn’t be wasted money, because in all likelihood the bill would just ban the sale of new ones and grandfather those already out there – like what happened in ’94 and in early bans.

    That’s their rationale behind their thinking – as I see it.

  5. I can see the reasoning behind those concerned about owning assault style weapons. (Myself, when I want something “fun” and for “sport” in a gun, I’m all about black powder — but to each one’s own.) The thing that struck me about this particular commercial — I really wish I could remember the name of the store — was that they were talking about ALL guns. And talking about them being taken away.

  6. Everybody here in OK hates Obama except me. 🙂 They all talk about him “taking their guns away” sillyness…

    I watched 60 min’s tonight about Mexico’s war on drug gangs. They said that 90% of the guns the cartels have are from the US. WOW

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