I Don’t CARE About Sarah Palin’s Daughter. Let’s Talk Issues.

I have two things in common with Sarah Palin:

  1. We have similar anatomy.
  2. We both enjoy fishing.

But I don't like how she's being treated. I'm really annoyed with the MSM (that's Main Stream Media) — and even some of the other media out there. Why? Because we've been treated to story after story about Republican VP's motherhood and how that might affect her in her job should McCain win (and subsequently die in office).

Seriously. Men have children, too, and somehow they aren't plagued with questions about how distracted they'd be. Chances are, if the Palin family moved house to D.C., Mr. Palin would be the primary caregiver. It's sort of something Alaska's “First Dude” probably does to some extent anyway. Attacking Palin personal for things that we consider “women's issues” and whether her choices make her a “good” mother is downright sexist and annoying. We never talk about whether male candidates are “good” fathers.

I want to talk about the issues. I want to talk policy. What would Palin do? Ban books? Institute nationwide abstinence-only education? Open ANWR for drilling? Really cut earmarks? (Since Alaska has the most per capita, I'm not sure that she is really an earmark-cutting machine.)

But even if I wanted to, there's the flip side of the coin. Because Sarah Palin is not only the target of some rather sexist remarks, but she's being used in a rather sexist way.

Consider: If anyone does address a policy concern toward Palin, the Republican spinmasters cry “Sexist!” Any criticism of Palin is labelled “sexist,” whether it is or not.

While Palin's family should be off limits (I mean, seriously, do her daughter's choices affect what sort of candidate she is?), her public policy record should be scrutinized. Asking about her energy policies and trying to get to the bottom of Trooper Gate is not sexist. It's what we'd do for any other candidate.

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5 thoughts on “I Don’t CARE About Sarah Palin’s Daughter. Let’s Talk Issues.”

  1. Great thoughts. People should vote for her because of what she says she’ll do (or what she’s done) not because of her anatomy, or what her daugher did with hers.

    Let’s stick to the issues and see who’s worth they’re salt in this election.

  2. Thanks for chiming in! And, especially, for agreeing with me 🙂

    At any rate, this whole election cycle I’ve been annoyed at the MSM. There has been a lot of sensationalist coverage — of all the candidates — with little attention to actual issues.

  3. I agree 100%!! The reason I’m NOT voting for McCain/Palin has nothing whatsoever to do with her daughter. In fact it’s all about the issues. Their answer to the economy is basically the same failed policies of Bush. So are their views on foreign policy.

  4. Thanks for visiting riceroni. I appreciate your insights. I agree with you on economy and foreign policy. I am also concerned about a number of social issues.

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