I Hate That My Local Movie Theater Doesn’t Allow Print at Home Tickets

We bought movie tickets to see the new Hobbit movie, and we went yesterday. We bought our tickets online. I received an email from Megaplex asking for feedback. So I let them have it. Here's what I wrote:

I would really like to see the ability to print out tickets at home. I really hate that when I buy tickets online, I then have to go stand in line at the kiosk to pick them up. This is not convenient, so it becomes even more annoying when I pay a “convenience” fee on top of it. The former owners allowed tickets printed at home, and had a little scanner just at the entrance to the theater area to facilitate this. I'm not sure why this smaller chain could do it, but the high-tech Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres can't. Just about everyone allows print at home tickets when you buy online. I can get them for Jazz games and for the local play. It's possible for me to check into a hotel remotely. I used to be able to print out movie tickets at home, but I haven't been able to since Megaplex took over. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. Huge. That's the #1 thing that can be improved about Megaplex Theatres. I'd like to see print at home tickets.

You can tell this is Very Important to me. The only reason (in my mind) to buy tickets online ahead of time is to avoid standing in line to by tickets. I know that Megaplex can counter that buying tickets online allows you a better chance at good seats, but I think that's still B.S.

It wouldn't be that hard to institute print at home tickets. It happens everywhere. No, the world isn't going to end if this doesn't happen. I know it's very First World Problem. But, come on. I pay enough for a movie experience that I don't think this is too much to ask. 

2 thoughts on “I Hate That My Local Movie Theater Doesn’t Allow Print at Home Tickets”

  1. I’ve responded to 2 requests from megaplex theatres to do feedback on recent visits. The GM will probably reply, but expect the email to have an educative tone in defense of their policies.

  2. I don’t really expect them to listen to me, but I figure why not. Perhaps someone else has been complaining about the same thing, and if enough people bring it up, they’ll do something.

    I actually wrote about it and submitted for my HJ News column back in the summer, but they didn’t really like the idea of running it, since, you know, advertising $$$. Ah well.

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