I Have Reached First Time Homebuyer Status!

I am now a homeowner. I have the status of being a first time homebuyer. It is terribly exciting. I was beginning to think it would never happen (I’ve actually been chronicling the experience on LoanShak, one of my home mortgage blogs).

But now that the home loan papers are signed, and I am sitting here surrounded by boxes, the reality is sinking in. Josh and I were trying to decide what to hang over our windows and he said something like, “We should ask the landlord if we can put holes in the walls for curtains.” I was about to reply, when we stopped. We looked at each other. We started laughing. As homeowners, we don’t have to ask anyone for that kind of permission!

Of course we don’t want to trash the place. In 4 or 5 years when we escape Logan, we want to be able to sell it.

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  1. No DJ, she’s going to just have to have us over when she’s got everything done. :p So, Miranda, you have a blog? Cool. One more to add to my google reader, hehe.

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