I Just Found Out Why No One Uses Logan Public Transit

I’m writing this from the library. Not because I’m having Internet problems, but because it’s too exhausting to try to get back home using the bus. And I expect the car to be done at the shop any time now. And the nice mechanic will come and pick me up. Here at the library.

My car has been showing signs of sickness. Luckily, the problem was more of an inconvenience than a real safety problem. Still, it was the sort of inconvenience that can result in the car not working somewhere far from home. So we took it in to be repaired. Gavin, though, wanted to go to Morningside today. He already felt gypped that Wednesday’s well check deprived him of some of his school time. So I gave in. Besides, I’m always talking about public transport. Now I have the chance to take it, right? (FYI: I did take public transport when I lived in Syracuse, NY, and we take it when we visit large cities.)

So here’s how it went:

  1. Gavin and I frantically run to make it to the bus stop on time. There used to be a stop just outside the subdivision, but that was taken away and it is now a mile-long walk to get the nearest bus stop.
  2. We make it just in time. Which is good, because the buses only come every half hour. Having to wait another 30 minutes would have been a real bummer.
  3. We get to the transit station. We hop on another bus. Morningside is not that far from the transit station. But I feel bad since Gavin already walked a mile.
  4. After 15 minutes, I realize that it’s going to take forever to actually get to the stop in front of Morningside. I pull the string and we get off. We are in a position where the school is exactly halfway between where we are and the transit center.
  5. With 20/20 hindsight, I grumble that we should have just walked from the transit center. We get to Morningside almost an hour after we left the house. Gavin is late.
  6. I come to the library to write this post and wait for the nice folks at Accurate Auto to call me.

Anyway, the whole thing was extremely inconvenient. Next time I have to take public transit I will plan it out much better. But it did justify something my husband said the other day:

People will not start using public transit in Logan until it becomes as flexible, comfortable, and convenient as using their own vehicle.

I’d settle for almost as convenient — or even remotely convenient.

2 thoughts on “I Just Found Out Why No One Uses Logan Public Transit”

  1. Wow, what an ordeal. At least you can say your complaints about the transit system is based on your first hand experience. Here in the Phoenix valley we are having the Metro Light Rail open. The service it provides is limited to certain areas and it goes sort of slow from what I hear but its a great start to better transit. Our buses are sort of a joke. To go by car 15 or 20 minutes from your house it takes anywhere from an hour to an hour and half by bus!!

  2. That’s kind of the problem in the West in general, I think. Not enough support for mass transit, so the transit we do have is terribly inconvenient. It’s a very chicken or the egg problem: Better mass transit won’t come until more people ride it, but more people won’t ride unless it is better.

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