I Will Never Understand High School Basketball Coaching

Last night I went to a high school basketball game to watch my cousin play. It's been nearly 10 years since I watched my brother play while home on break from college. I don't know. Maybe it has been 10 years. Whatever. Well, last night I watched the basketball coach pull the guy that had just made two three pointers, and the fast short kid who was great at moving the ball up the court and assisting, replacing them with two barely mediocre players that didn't actually do anything while they were in there (and it was a reasonably close game at this point). I was once again transported into the wonderful world of high school basketball out west.

You know that world. In this magical world, it's not who wins or loses. It's who plays in the game. Many high school basketball coaches would rather lose with the “right” kids in the game, than win with the “wrong” kids playing. We actually felt like cheering when one kid, who was in most of the game throwing up threes but making only one, finally fouled out. He was a black hole, and constantly careening out of control whenever he dribbled the ball, but the coach refused to bench him. Ah, the politics of small town athletics.

Anyway, I had a good time watching my cousin who managed two buckets and proved that he is probably the best defensive player on the team. We're going to go to his town next week to watch a home game. It should be even more fun when we're sitting with the home crowd.

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2 thoughts on “I Will Never Understand High School Basketball Coaching”

  1. I know what you mean, Gavin got cut from the team and the coach kept a kid that can’t dribble or make a lay-up, a few years ago my friend’s son didn’t make the varsity team and he was the top-scorer on the JV team. I don’t get how they decide things.

  2. My Uncle coaches high school basketball as well and I have heard him complain about those very things. It is sad that “politics” are in so many aspects of our lives, at school, college, work and government!! To me the “politics” means logic is taken out of decision making and something else entirely is put in its place.

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