I Wish I Could Do More Book Reviews…

I did a book review for this ethical investing Web site I contribute to. It was a lot of fun; I really enjoyed it. Plus, I got a free book. AND I got paid. The book is called The Clean Tech Revolution, and it really made me ill.

Mainly because if you look at our technology, and what we're capable of, there is absolutely NO REASON that we should still be getting most of our energy from fossil fuels like coal and oil. If we put as much into developing renewable energy as lobbyists for the oil industry do, we'd all be paying much less for our energy.
If we just took subsidies — that's right, our tax dollars go to profit-earning Big Oil — that go to oil companies and put that toward renewable energy, we'd be in great shape.

It would cost less, pollute less (leading to better health for all) and be less dangerous. Oil rigs and coal mines — Crandall Canyon, anyone? — are bad for health, and are dangerous places to work.

We're in the 21st Century. Shouldn't our energy be from this century, not last century?

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