If You’re Republican, Does That Make You Moral?

And what is moral anyway?

I think morality is about more than just sex-related things. To me it’s about whether what you are doing is doing right by others. And a “culture of life” is one in which we value life while it is being lived, helping to make it better for those who have less than us.

It always bothered me when my mom said things like “We vote for Republicans because they more closely reflect our moral values.” I love my mom. But I always want to say (but I don’t because at the end of the day it’s not worth having a fight about), “Your moral values including lying to people, making the rich richer at the expense of the hard-working middle class and de-regulating polluting industries that despoil the Earth Jesus created?” Not that all Republicans do this. They don’t. But the one in charge right now does. And to decide that someone is moral just because s/he is Republican is ludicrous.

By my definition, the Republican Party isn’t particularly moral. But the Democratic Party isn’t really either. In my mind, people are moral or immoral. Parties aren’t moral. They are made up of people, and not everyone in one party or the other is moral. Or immoral.

The main problem with one party claiming the moral high ground is that it insinuates that if you aren’t a member of that party, you must be immoral, and hence, evil. That is a major problem here in Utah. When you start judging people by their political party, you fall into a trap of mental laziness. When you make decisions based solely on political party, you are abdicating your responsibility as a citizen.

I’m obviously not a Republican. But I’m not a Democrat, either. I’ve voted for members of a variety of parties (yay third parties!). Why? Because I vote for people. I study what they say and, more importantly, what they do. And I make my decision based on whether a whole bunch of these things add up to someone I think will make a good leader (or at least not a bad leader). It’s not based on one issue, and it certainly isn’t based on political party.

George Washington warned us against political parties. And if you look around at the state of American politics, you can see why.

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  1. What I think is really ironic is that the party lines and platforms have changed so much throughout the history of our nation, and in Utah, that it seems absurd to classify an entire party as “moral” and “righteous” and not the issues. Somehow the idea that the party itself was perfect became propagated across Utah (I wonder if it was a manipulation camping; since the Mormon church as a whole is believed to be perfect then the Republican party as a whole must also be perfect. Just a thought) and that makes the issues secondary.

    Aside from Utah I think that what you are talking about exists everywhere in those red states. I was listening to a news program were a reported asked a civil rights law student at Liberty University this question
    Question: “What do you think God called you to do with a law degree or a lawyer?”
    Answer: “To defend Christians, to defend just civil rights in general.”
    I think it is silly that the first thing you want to defend as a civil rights lawyer is Christian rights and then civil rights. What exactly are Christian rights, and who has defined what those rights should be. Like you said, “I’m obviously not a Republican. But I’m not a Democrat, either.” So what does that make you…an American. This might be a stretch, but it seems like a war broke out in 1861 because people became too tied to their parties issues then to America itself (yes I know that definition is a way over simplified).

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