I’m Lame, and If You Read This Blog, You Are Too

Today I received a comment on my much-commented-on Blackstone restaurant review. Here is the comment:

You guys are the lamest kind of people. You all probably use Macs and and drive hybrids, not because you like them but because the people you wish you were do.

This, of course, illustrates one of the main problems with our society today. Instead of disagreeing with the post, or looking at all of the comments and addressing the points therein, the commentator made an assumption about the participants and then hastened to

  1. Label
  2. De-humanize.

This is a classic trick of propagandists. Rather than engage in reasoned discourse, the idea is attack the people behind ideas that one doesn’t agree with. Labels are created that sound snappy, and vitriol is spouted as though it is fact. And, of course, the people who express the “offending” sentiment are de-humanized, relegated to the category of “them.”

This is, of course, happening all over society. Philip Pullman (and anyone who reads his books or sees the Golden Compass) is labeled “evil.” Does anyone even stop to see the merits of his ideas? No, he is labeled as an “atheist” and then summarily dismissed.

The same thing is happening in the presidential election. Candidates are labeled and then what they say and do, and their ideas and potential policies are ignored as people argue whether we are ready for a [insert proper label: woman, Mormon, black, etc.] president.

So, since I don’t like the Blackstone, and since my opinion of Logan restaurants in general is that they are mediocre and over-priced, I am lame. My complex motivations including my individual food preferences, desire to get good value for my money and the fact that I prefer eating out to other forms of entertainment are not even considered. I am reduced from a complex individual to someone who is lame, with only one motivation: to be like someone else — someone I presumably (but don’t actually) think is better than other people.

And I get a double-lame because I own a Mac. For the record, I own a Mac because I like its superior security, usability and the ability to work with images at a higher level.

Oh, and since my next car will be a hybrid, I guess I’m triple-lame. My desire for cleaner air to breathe and to spend less money at the gas pump, not to mention my annoyance with our dependence on an energy supply primarily garnered from unstable countries, are all motivations to be discarded.

Our country will continue its course of division and our civil liberties will continue to be eroded unless we stop the inane babble and name-calling that makes up “discourse” today. Until we start discussing ideas and stop discussing people, nothing will change, and we will watch our freedoms disappear because we have oversimplified things to the point where labels and snappy sound bites matter more than ideas and true dialog.

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0 thoughts on “I’m Lame, and If You Read This Blog, You Are Too”

  1. miranda, i read your original post. i too am a food snob. i refuse to eat most american ham, i will not eat hersheys or any other cheap nasty wax filled american chocolate. as we do not have a ton of money, we do not get to have quality food like you were talking about. and i must say, with very few exceptions, utah as a whole does not have many restaurants that are that good. things that are considered mexican, italian, or french are nothing like the real thing. i do not own a mac, but i do not habor ill feelings towards those that own them. who is this person? maybe this person is bitter because they don’t own a mac, drive a hybrid car, or have a higher appreciation for food. i hope they come back and read your post. hooray for being lame!!

  2. Thanks, Terina! I remember the days when we were scrimping and saving and had to settle for what we didn’t particularly like. Which is why I’m so conscious of value now.

    Ditto on the chocolates!

  3. Maybe you should write a chocolate post next. I don’t know that Hershey’s is even worthy of the label chocolate. Seriously. I’m sure you’ll be glad to know I have my cupboard stocked with German chocolate, thanks to my family sending packages. Not sure it’s such a good thing for my weight, though. :p

  4. Mmmm…

    Of course, I must bow to your superior chocolate knowledge. But I’m not a big Hershey’s fan either. I prefer “real” chocolate. Chocolate should be chocolate. Not wax.

  5. Wow, Miranda you have stirred up a lot of controversy. One of the things that disgust me most is when you are trying to have a conversation with someone and they start using personal attacks or calling you names, and what is worse is that they did it anonymously. That is one of the reasons that Alvord has stopped blogging for a while. By the way we own a Mac and a PC and we want are next car ( when we have money and are not poor students) to be a hybrid for the reasons that you stated also. I guess I am double lame.

  6. Good points. I’m sad alvord let up. One of my blogging buddies said this to me: “You haven’t ‘arrived’ as a blogger until someone personally attacks you.”

    All it means is that you are right, and the other person knows it — but s/he doesn’t want to admit. Or it means that the other person is vaguely troubled because you challenged their views, but they have no idea how to put together a reasoned response.

    Tell alvord to get back out there — and that he should be proud that someone notices enough to spend the time on him!

  7. You can type all the “I take the high road” rhetoric that you want, but I nailed you with the mac and hybrid comment. And for the record I do like macs, and hope to have one soon, and I have nothing against hybrid cars. They are just a few of the items out there that people buy to say “I’m a snob, and snobs are cool.” Get over yourself.

  8. Wow. So I own a Mac because I think I’m cool, but you own a Mac because…you don’t think you’re cool? I set forth the reasons I own a Mac, and why I want hybrid. None of those reasons included being like anyone else.

    I mentioned that I was a food snob in my original post not to say that being a snob was cool, but to warn readers to take my review with a grain of salt because I’m picky, and others may not have the same taste in food.

    But apparently my motivations don’t matter. As I’ve been saying about what discourse in general has become in this country. Your goal appears to have been to “nail” me, rather than contribute to the actual discussion. So as long as you think you achieved that goal, good for you. I hope that you feel better about yourself.

  9. dub, how about people buy those things because they know they are higher quality and they are willing to pay the price for them? i am proud to say that i am a chocolate snob and a bread snob. its just not worth it to eat the crappy stuff. not to mention organic/natural mac and cheese and using herbal remedies before i give my kids any OTC drugs. we all have the choice. you choose to be rude and throw out names. the rest of us just hope that you’ll go away someday. miranda you are welcome to delete this is you want. just a little irritated with dub who really isn’t a nice person…

  10. Oh Terina! Why would I delete I comment by someone trying to defend me when I leave up someone’s insults?

    I appreciate your gallantry. (Women can be gallant, too, right?)

    The world is full people who make choices, as you point out. Ultimately, my happiness in life comes from God, my family and within myself. And, of course, from lovely people who want to make a difference and defend others.

    Thanks, Terina, for your support!

  11. Such crusaders against all that is evil. I applaud you all. It’s been such fun to stir you guys up. Thanks for showing me what vile and atrocious being I am. And yes, I would use the term vitriolic to describe my character. I’ll now go hide in the bowels of the earth with all the other despicable creatures, and let you feel like you defeated a little bit of what is wrong with society with your all powerful consructive discourse. Bravo!

  12. Um…in case you didn’t notice (and you didn’t) the word “vitriol” was used to describe your words, not your character. Since I don’t know you, I can’t actually decide whether I think you are “lame” or not. I can notice that you have no real interest in “talking” with me, or getting to “know” me through Internet “discussion.” Which is, of course, your decision.

    And no one here called you evil. You probably aren’t. Most people aren’t. But you are obviously angry and felt a need to be hurtful. It’s actually fairly common. I certainly don’t think you’re anything approaching evil. You’re not even out of the common way, especially online.

    But no one really believes you are going anywhere. Because, of course, your dripping sarcasm indicates that you will be around somewhere, waiting for the opportunity to “nail” someone for a sentiment they didn’t even express.

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