Improve Your Home Business with the Be Everywhere Bundle: Only72 Sale

Want to improve your home business visibility? The “Be Everywhere” Bundle, the most recent Only72 sale, might be just the thing. But you have to act quickly. It’s only available until 12:00 p.m. Eastern, July 4, 2013.

I rarely get excited about information products. However, I am excited about the current Only72 sale. When I heard about it through a bloggy friend, not only did I sign up to be an affiliate, but I also?bought the package.

So this Only72 Sale is going to help me improve my home business, and perhaps even result in a little extra cash on the side through affiliate sales.

Here’s Why I Bought During this Only72 Sale

The “Be Everywhere” bundle is Kick. Ass.

Only72 Sale Be Everywhere Bundle

It includes six courses, many of them from people I respect and who know their stuff. Here’s what’s included:

  1. Breakthrough Blogging?from Pat Flynn: I’ve only met Pat in person once. However, I really enjoy his podcasts and his Smart Passive Income blog. And this blogging course should be perfect for me. It’s aimed at bloggers who have hit a plateau with their efforts. This course isn’t at getting started as a blogger, it’s about taking your blog to the next level. As someone who is interested in owning blogs and not just staff writing, this is a great course for me. And I think that it could be good for anyone who’s stuck in the doldrums with their blog.
  2. How to Connect with Anyone from Scott Dinsmore: I’m a little socially awkward. I need this course. Badly. I like this idea of investing in relationships, and learning how to interact with others on a better level, especially when it comes to boosting my home business.
  3. Better Web Videos from Stillmotion: This production studio won an Emmy. I know that I need to branch out into more multimedia on my site, and this course should help me learn to make better videos.
  4. Rapid Video Blogging from Gideon Shalwick: This course should help you figure out how to get involved in effective video blogging, and even includes monetization strategies. I like the idea of the theory behind going viral that he also includes.
  5. Publish Your Book on Kindle from Cathy Presland: I’m working on a book. I’m trying to make it useful for aspiring professional bloggers. I also realize that trying to work with a publisher could be a pain. As a result, I’m thinking about going the self-publish route. I want to go through this course to learn the Kindle ropes, and see if maybe self-publishing is the right way to go for me. Anyone who’s interested in publishing on Kindle could benefit from this course.
  6. Podcasting from Cliff Ravenscraft: I sat in on a panel session at NMX from Cliff Ravenscraft, and he is?the name in podcasting. What he offered as part of the panel was very informative and helpful. What is offered in this bundle should be super-helpful.

Yes, this Only72 sale marks a point at which the price is a little higher, at $197. But I think it’s totally worth it. As a freelancer, as a professional blogger, as a home business owner.

Only72 Sale Receipt

I know a lot about professional blogging and freelancing for other people. However, if I’m going to head to the next level?on my own projects I think this will be a great thing. Plus, since I’m using it to benefit my home business, the cost is tax-deductible.

I’ve only been so-so about affiliate stuff in the past. But I think the Only72 sale thing is something I can get behind. So, I’m glad I bought the “Be Everywhere” bundle.

Money TreeSometimes, it makes sense to pay to learn something really valuable. There’s all sorts of free information out there, and some of it can help you improve your home business. However, sometimes the best stuff is the stuff you pay for. Whether it’s a book, or an online course, you can benefit from what others have learned. And with a bundle like this, it’s worth the cost.

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