On the Inconveniences of Feeling Crappy

I’ve been sick for something like two weeks. Not the oh-my-gosh-I’m-going-to-die type of sick all the time. Instead, it’s been a long slow slog of misery, punctuated by oh-my-gosh-I-wish-I-could-die moments.

My journey began just as the month of May was getting underway. I thought I was fortunate because, even though I spent half the night puking, the month of May looks like this:

May 2014 Calendar

Translation: For me, that’s like having two days off.

I had some April invoicing to do on the 30, but I could use the weekend to really recover. And I did do quite a bit of recovering on Thursday and Friday. (I drugged up big time to go on a date with my husband Friday night, though. Our son was at his first Scout campout. Stay out without worrying about when the babysitter needed to get home? Yes, please!)

I felt reasonably good on Saturday, and was furthered cheered by a visit from my cousin. Sunday wasn’t super-fantastic, but I muddled through and even went to church. But by Sunday evening, I was starting to feel icky again.

I slowly felt worse until Tuesday night, when I felt like throwing up again and my ear hurt. I went to the doctor on Wednesday.


Since then, I’ve just been sort of making it work. My ear continues to feel pressure (but, hey, it’s not bleeding anymore!) and slight pain, but the doctor tells me this could persist for another couple of weeks and to just keep taking the antibiotic.

It’s damned inconvenient to feel like this. I can’t really exercise. I’ve been doing yoga, because it doesn’t strain my body, but I can’t swim. It’s also distracting because of the weirdness that ensues when one of your ears is messed up.

But that’s ok. Because now it’s to the part where I count my blessings. My son and my husband have both been super-helpful. I sometimes have to ask my son to do stuff, but my husband is really good about just taking care of what needs taking care of. That’s always been one of the things I like about the way things happen around the house. If something needs to be done, it gets done by whichever of us is close and able.

Plus, I’ve received some nice messages and good vibes from my online community, which also helps cheer me up.

But it’s still inconvenient, since I haven’t felt like eating much, or like getting dressed, or doing much of anything. It’s much harder to get excited about getting work done when you feel iffy. But that’s just one of the inconveniences that you have to deal with when you work from home and you’re sick.

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