International Children’s Book Day

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Today is International Children’s Book Day. It was started in 1967 on the birthday (April 2) of Hans Christian Andersen. Since I love reading, and The Boy loves books, we don’t really need a reminder. But I figured it was worth an extra trip to the library. I got some books (I love Newbery winners) and Gavin found a couple books. He likes to go to the Caldecott section because those are the books with the best pictures.

It’s fun to watch him learn to read and to enjoy reading. He’s coming along nicely. I do try to introduce him to a wide variety of books so that he has a chance to figure out what he likes. I think that a lot of our problems could be solved if more of us sat down with a good book.

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2 thoughts on “International Children’s Book Day”

  1. Didn’t realize it was International Children’s Book Day. Nothing so good for children as reading. I hope my little one grows to love reading books as much as he currently likes looking at them and me reading them to him!

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