Investing Plan for the New Year: Put Resources Into Yourself

As you prepare your investing plan for the new year, don't forget to direct some of your resources toward improving yourself.

It's common, in December, to start thinking about your investing plan for the new year. Doubtless, the coming year involves looking at low-cost funds or a plan to improve your dividend stock portfolio.

Whether you are getting ready to rebalance your portfolio, open a new IRA, or engage in any number of other strategies, it's important that you also think about investing in your own best asset: YOU.

How to Invest in Yourself

As your investing plan for the new year unfolds, think about what resources you can put to work to enhance your best asset (it's you). Look at different areas of your life that could improve and work toward improving yourself. Some of the ways that you can get more out of your best asset include:

Better health

How is your health situation? Could you improve your health? Good health can save you money over time. Plus, as you improve your health through better eating, exercise, and sleep habits, you will be more mentally alert and more productive. This is a good way to prepare yourself to be more valuable at your job or even to start your own business.

Skills and education

Another good way to invest in yourself is to develop your skills and/or education. Figure out what others want to pay for, and then go for it. Ready yourself to take advantage of opportunities that might come. You can even prepare to make your own opportunities.


Improve your relationships. You will have a richer life if you have good relations with your family (especially your life partner and your kids if you have them) and friends. It's much easier to deal with financial hardship with a good support system. And a good support system can push you to improve yourself in general.

Business contacts

Don't forget about your business relationships. Investing in your business relationships can be a good way to move your finances and business forward. Remember, though, that you need to give as well as receive help. Meet people in your field, and try to get to know a few of them. This can help you a great deal in the new year.

Career plan

If you plan to advance in your career, you need to develop a career strategy. Think about what you want to accomplish. Do you want a promotion? Do you want a job that you enjoy more? Where are you headed with your career? Take a look at your situation and where you want to be, and then make the necessary changes to help you accomplish your career goals. A career plan can be a great way to invest in yourself.


Don't forget to take time for yourself. You need to make time to relax and recharge. You can also pick up on activities that you enjoy. Read more for knowledge as well as pleasure. Start a new hobby, or get better at an old hobby. Make time for yourself in this way, and you will be happier and better balanced.

A new year is coming; now is a good time to start putting your resources into worthwhile things. Just remember that you have emotional resources as well as financial resources. And you want to engage those resources — and even use some financial resources — to create an investing plan for the new year that involves boosting your own marketability and improving your own life.

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