Is American Idol Contestant Brooke White Mormon?

SO, my husband and I have a guilty pleasure: American Idol. We record it with the DVR and then watch it, sans the commercials and the usually boring human interest stories. We enjoy watching for the decent singers as well as the bad. We just watched the first night of auditions (we were so BORED by the extra emphasis on contestant stories that we're not sure we're continuing), and at the very end we saw someone interesting: Brooke White, a nanny from California working out East.

Simon asked her something interesting about herself. She said that she had never seen an R-rated movie. Turns out her parents also raised her to eschew alcohol, coffee and tobacco. She grew up and made her choice to follow their strictures. At the end of her performance, Randy said something about her purity. I turned to my husband: “I think he sees her ‘Mormon glow'!” We cracked up.

I don't know if Brooke White really is LDS, but the evidence is pretty strong.

Interesting fact: no one thought Utah's American Idol Carmen Rasmussen had that same quality. Hmmmm….

I got this video of Brooke White on American Idol from the Pop Crunch Web site.

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  1. Brooke is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She was one of my bridesmaid at my wedding. Yes she is Mormon! And more so she is amazingly talented. If things go right the audience that tunes into American Idol is in for a wonderful treat of talent from Brooke.

  2. Thanks for confirming my suspicion! It will be interesting to see how she does — if we keep watching. She does have a nice voice, and it is always encouraging to see good examples out there.

  3. Thank you for that! When my family and I were watching her, that was our first thoughts! I was even texting my friend and asked him if he thought that she was LDS too, and we all agreed. I have been dying to know if she really was and I’m pleased to see that she is. Needless to say, we will be cheering her on!

  4. That sounds EXACTLY like my family !!! We do the SAME exact thing with the DVR. We also said we think she is mormon. I looked her and David Archuleta up on Google. It turns out David is, and maybe Brooke is too !!! 🙂

  5. Brooke definitely is. And so is David. Let’s hope they represent Mormons well :0)

    My hubby was wondering how long it would take for Brooke’s fabulous modest clothing to give way. Hopefully it won’t happen!

  6. I was having an argument with a friend about whether she was LDS or not because I say yes. She says no. She argues that she saw her stomach during the performance. I never saw her stomach show… any comments? Was she married in the temple?

  7. I didn’t watch tonight’s episode yet, so I don’t know about any stomach. Although you should know that even being married in the temple doesn’t guaranty modest dress. It is worth noting that there was ANOTHER Brooke in the competition, so maybe your friend was mixed up and saw this other Brooke’s stomach in previous episodes.

    I haven’t seen Brooke WHITE in anything immodest. Yet.

    If you look at the first comment on this thread, you will see that she was a bridesmaid at a wedding and is most definitely LDS.

  8. My wife and I were just siting here wondering if she was LDS. We went to her MySpace page and that did not tell us. Thanks for the information. Did not know the other kid was LDS either. That is awesome. Two of the most talented are Mormon. That was not her stomach, it was an undershirt.

  9. Oh, and by the way, I have been working with blogging through the military since it started. I monitor them for Operational Security Violations. I like your Blog, simple and easy to navigate, for what its worth. I just saw that you said you are giving it a go, so thought I would give my two cents. It is really good that it is one of the top search results for google. Are youregistered with Technorati?

  10. I’m glad you enjoy my blog Bifri!

    Thanks for clearing up the “stomach issue.” I like this idea of the “support Mormons” site. We are indeed one of those religions that does tend to stick together…

  11. My husband is not yet Mormon, but I was baptized Jan. 26th of this year. We both noticed Brooke’s glow and assumed the purity was LDS. I also adore David Archuleta and said that his wholesomeness was probably due to LDS as well and it is. We have adopted 4, soon 5 young children through foster care and are so looking forward to raising them Mormon and praying they too will glow with wholesomeness and purity.

    I feel that God is putting more and more prominent Mormons out there to let their light shine so people will ask questions and come to the truth. I was led through friends that are Mormon through the years, but it was Mitt Romney who got me to really investigate the faith and the lds website got me to pray and ask for God to lead me…and here I am. I am so proud to be Mormon that I can hardly contain my excitement.

    Go Brooke and David!!!!!!!!

  12. Thanks for sharing your story, Znette! I am glad that you and your family are finding happiness in the gospel.

    My sister’s husband joined the church last year and they will be sealed on Tuesday. It’s very exciting for all of us!

  13. HA! Thanks ladies and gentlemen for clearing that up. Of course, as an LDS 25 yr old mom of three, I could sense the “Mormon glow” as well, but my friend (who is not Mormon) has been poking fun at me saying that there is no way I could tell. Well, she was googling to prove me wrong and found this site 🙂 Good Luck Brooke, she has our vote! Oh, and LOoooooVE the modest attire!!! This one’s for you AShley M! Told you so!! love, Monica

  14. Well, I’d be surprised if they got cut before things got further. Mormons tend to stick together, so they’ll vote these two through. Much like Utah carried Carmen what’s-her-name through for weeks…

  15. what a fun thread this has turned into! Congratulations on the baptism! Your husband will come around. Just five him time. So, Mitt Romney’s campaign led you to the church? That is great.

    I think both David Archuleta and Brooke White are going to do well in the competition and represent the church appropiately. I want to defend Carmen Rasmussen though. She maintained her standards the entire time which is admirable. I met her at BYU shortly after her season on American Idol and she really is a great girl. But I dedinately agree that David has her beat on talent. The next Donny? We’ll just have to see.

  16. I’m not saying anything against Carmen. I’m just saying that she made further than she might have without the entire state of Utah voting for her every week…

  17. What is “Mormon Glow”? Is that term meant to be sarcastic, or is it just a little in-joke? Is that a real term that the church uses?

  18. It’s an inside joke. Most ppl who grew up going to the LDS church in the west heard from Sunday School and Primary teachers how people could see a sort “glow” around you if you lived the gospel…

  19. heh. heh. that’s part of the “joke.” i assumed that my teachers always meant that if we followed the commandments and lived the teachings of the lds faith then people would perceive that we were different. and want to know why it’s supposed to be a conversation starter:

    Non-LDS person: “There’s something…different about you.”

    LDS person then has a perfect opportunity to teach someone about the LDS faith. Rarely, in my experience, has it worked that way. Maybe I’m missing my “glow.”

  20. I won’t be either. But mainly because we stopped watching weeks ago. We got bored. Last time we liked watching Blake Lewis because he was different and we wanted to see what he did next. This year the contestants are kind of…blah.

  21. I know about the LDS (Mormon} glow. When I joined the church in Oregon, I could spot that glow in a restaraunt, and would say to my mom, “I bet they’re Mormon.” Sure enough, at some point, we’d hear them remark about their Bishop, or Sister So and so. It was so cool. Now, years later,I’ve had people tell me that the air in my home is different than the rest of the homes they’ve been in.
    Nice, as far as I’m concerned.

    We’re big fans of David but feel that Brooke has a depth that we’re looking forward to seeing more of.

    🙂 From A glowing convert!

  22. So no one has commented on the dress Brooke wore last night. Obviously it wasn’t terribly revealing, no one would call it “immodest” at least not by worldly standards. Still I was disappointed. If she’s wearing what I’m wearing and what I think she should be earing there should have been an awful lot of white showing, which there wasn’t.

  23. Thanks for sharing. I haven’t been watching AI, so I can’t really say. But if it’s true, it’s sad that we’re already moving into the world, and she hasn’t even won yet!

  24. Yes, I was disappointed in her outfit also. I respected and admired her for keeping her modest standards week after week on AI up until this point.

  25. It seems like a lot of LDS temple goers get away with wearing shorter dresses. I know I’ve even been guilty in the past. As I’ve gotten older I hope that I am a little wiser that way. She is in a very hard position. Just because she’s on television and she’s a mormon doesn’t make her perfect. I would hate to be on a pedestal like that. I just hope that she understands the impact that she is having on the world and that she is being put under a microscope. I think she’s awesome!

  26. Or, maybe she hasn’t had a temple marriage. Many LDS members have very strong testimonies but for one reason or another have not had the blessing of going to the temple. I think she’s a great inspiration. I hope that she can endure the pressures and keep shining!

  27. Thanks for your comments. It’s an interesting thing we seem to feel toward Mormons in the spotlight. We in some ways expect them to be perfect, since they are “representing” us so publicly.

    Brooke really has been a good example, I guess. (I haven’t been watching, but I haven’t heard anything scandalous about her.)

    As for modesty, can we really judge her for doing what so many others do? My aunt buys petite garments so that they are shorter in the leg. I know girls who roll the sleeves on their garments up so that they can wear shorter sleeves…

    At least she’s not being flagrantly immodest.

  28. No she’s not. Without knowing her personally or her circumstances we shouldn’t judge. We shouldn’t anyway. The wearing of garments is such a personal and sacred thing. I think she is still on the modest side. My 17 year old daughter dresses a lot like Brooke has and I don’t think she’s immodest at all. I think she’s adorable. Brooke is too! 🙂

  29. does having a mormon glow mean that you can marry woman who are already married to mormon husbands like Joseph smith did? see IN SACRED LONLINESS by LDS Tod Compton

    does the LDS glow mean that God expects you to know 4 different handshakes to meet him?

    How about Comoros Island with its main port Moroni, LDS president Woodruff wilson called Hill Commorah “Comoros”

    How about Onandaga County NY, Smith took the name of this county and named a character in the story of Zelph “Onandagus”

    How come Emma Smith joined the reformed LDS?

    How come the 1830 Book of Mormon does not match the present day book of mormon?

    How come the LDS tries to give the impression that Smith was only marrued to Emma when he had over 33 wives and he had children from these “marriages” ?

  30. Wow, Anon. Getting a little fierce. *shrug* I’m aware that Joseph Smith was a polygamist. Polygamy doesn’t bother me. And while the LDS Church doesn’t practice it now, it wouldn’t bother me if things changed in the future. I think that consenting ADULTS should be able to live in whatever arrangements they wish…whether that includes polygamy (which can also mean more than one husband), or same-sex arrangements.

  31. I cannot believe that Brooke was not in the bottom two tonight. There is only one explanation – she is getting votes because of her religious affiliation. That’s too bad – I like her (not love her) but in all fairness, she is not better than the Davids, or Syesha.

  32. So Miranda – you said you’re okay with polygamy and same sex marriages. So do you just ignore what God says about both in the Bible or do you not believe the Bible is God’s inspired word?

  33. “She argues that she saw her stomach during the performance. I never saw her stomach show… any comments? Was she married in the temple?”

    What the freak does this mean? My friend says mormons dont have belly buttons because they are not allowed near a vagina. I didnt believe it till I read this. What does stomach showing have anything to do with it. Ive heard about Magic underware. I thought this was made up too, but it seems like maybe not. If the underware is exposed, do you get excommunicated from the religion? Brooke may be a wholesome example, but you people are really making it weird.

  34. I haven’t been watching AI, since I got bored with it, but I hear that Brooke has been struggling lately.

    I suppose I have been clearer. I don’t thing the STATE should tell consenting ADULTS how to arrange themselves. Sort of impinges on their God-given agency to be forced into living lives that are in accordance with their teachings.

    We also have been commanded to honor our parents, and keep the Sabbath holy, among things that are not enforced by the law of the land. Should there be laws that force these things?

    “Render unto Caesar…” God’s judgment on their morality is enough for me. I’m not sure the State needs to be involved with matters of moral consciousness.

    As far as the stomach…we are asked to dress modestly — men and women alike. I suppose there would be some disappointment if Brooke turned out to not represent that aspect of the religion…

  35. Brooke White is seriously hot. I mean, like, Farrah circa 1977 hot. That’s why she gets my vote every week. She needs to chill, stick to the Carly Simon/Carole King thing, and keep a box of Kleenex within arms reach.

  36. I think you people need get a life and worry about your own underwear and not Brooke Whites. There seems to be some underlying fetish with those writing on here. I think one of the commandments has something about judging NOT anything about wearing the right underwear on American Idol.
    Rather than worry about Underwear, why arent you people talking about the injustices caused by your people (Yes YOUR people) on the FLDS ranch. I think the Mormon Church and its members have a huge responsibility here. You have the same ancestors and your teachings have the same roots. The Mormon church does a lot for people world wide when there are disasters, but they, you, need to pay attention to the disaster in your own back yard. These people are breaking the law, abusing children, and suppressing human rights. Wake up and get off your pedistals, forget about whose underwear is showing, and serve your fellowman, like you all pay such lip service to.

  37. Oh, I agree that there are much more pressing matters in the world than Brooke White’s modesty.

    But I beg to differ about saying that FLDS is the same, just because of the same roots. Protestants share the same religious roots as Catholics. Missouri Synod Lutherans and ECLA Lutherans belong to different sects that take different lines in some areas. Sunni and Shia Muslims — and Sufi for that matter — have the same beginnings. But many of their teachings are different.

    The FLDS may be a “sect” of Mormonism, but it is certainly NOT the same as the mainline LDS Church. The FLDS have taken some of the teachings of early Mormons (those that were shed by the mainline Church) and perverted them.

    The LDS Church has NEVER condoned child molestation or beating. The LDS Church has NEVER kicked out eligible young men to increase the “pickings” among minor girls for old men. These are common practices among the FLDS.

    The FLDS raid is in Texas. And they are NOT members of the mainline LDS Church. Utah state AG Mark Shurtleff has been aggressively prosecuting those who perpetrate child abuse through “spiritual marriages” between old men and minor girls. Welfare fraud and child abuse are being prosecuted in Utah. That is why the most of the FLDS picked up and moved to Texas.

    Members of the mainline Mormon Church condemn and abhor the sort of child abuse that goes on in some (but not all) polygamous communities in Utah.

  38. I am not LDS, but have had many dear friends who are LDS, and they have always been good people. I do not agree with your faith, but what I’m about to say is not because of my difference in religious beliefs.
    It really bothers me how the “mormons” have been so strongly supporting Brooke White and David Archuletta on American Idol. I am a singer and appreciate the show for it’s showcase in talent and I can not stand when it becomes more of a popularity contest than a talent competition. Carly Smithson was eliminated before Brooke White…and she has five times the talent. That is just not right. When you know people are avoiding elimination because they are mormon and not because they sing well…that is very frustrating to watch. I wish everyone could just be honest and vote for whom they think is the most talented instead of making it a religious thing.
    I am going to be very upset if David Cook does not win, he deserves the number one spot ten fold over anyone else in the competition!
    Thanks, I’ve said my piece.

  39. That’s part of the reason we stopped watching a while ago. Lots of mediocre talent gets through due to popularity. We haven’t been interested in AI since the first season. We made an exception for Blake Lewis, though, because he was different. We usually watch the tryouts, and if we see someone we like, we’ll watch a little more. This year was more of the same old same old, so we haven’t really been watching.

  40. I agree with anon that Mormons tend to support Mormons above talent or competence. Just look at the support for Mitt Romney. Mormons have been taught from day one to “cirlce the wagons” and to put “mormonism” above everything including family. (They will object to that statement!) The mormons have been acused of being a cult, but they are more of an elitist clique. As you will note from above comments, they are much more worried about contestants showing underwear, then they are of talent. If you show your underwear, or worse yet, if you are not wearing the “right kind” of underwear (wink wink sign sign) you are judged and banned from the group, and whispered about on blogs.

  41. The culture of trusting someone “just because” isn’t unique to Mormons, of course. There are many who are more inclined to support and trust others “like them.” From religions to social organizations to companies. But it does seem rather pronounced as an “us v. them” a lot of the time in Mormon culture.

    Indeed, it has got to the point that the First Presidency wrote a letter warning against that very thing, especially in terms of “investment opportunities.” Indeed, the First Presidency often puts out warnings like that, encouraging us to think for ourselves and look at individual merits rather than labels. So, really, it is a tendency that is regularly battled from the highest levels of the Church.

  42. Brooke is absolutely LDS. She is in my ward. David Archuleta and her came to church for Easter Sunday. She is an amazing person. SHe was married in the temple. SHe is an absolute doll!

  43. Miranda, I realize this is an American Idol Blog, but can you please expand on your comment to me re:
    “First Presidency wrote a letter warning against that very thing, especially in terms of “investment opportunities.” “

    You cant be speaking of the bush presidency? he certainly provided no warnings about investments. What President and what investment opportunities?? I dont understand your response.

  44. Sorry, Anon. First Presidency refers to the President (Prophet — currently Thomas S. Monson) of the LDS Church and his two counselors. We call the three of them the First Presidency. The leaders of the quorums and auxiliaries in the LDS Church are known as presidencies. So it makes sense that the leaders of the entire church are also organized into a presidency.

    The First Presidency of the LDS Church warns the members against trusting someone or something, or supporting it, just because it has a connection to someone in the LDS faith.

  45. Thank you. I knew there was a prophet, but did not realize he was called president as well.

    So getting back to idol, would the prophet tell us who is going to win american idol.

    I myself hope that God does not split second considering who is going to win american idol, the superbowl or survivor. I wish they would all stop saying its up to god now. I wish god would go old testament on them.

  46. Of course the Prophet wouldn’t tell you who to vote for on AI. Just like he wouldn’t tell you who to vote for in the presidential race. The Church doesn’t endorse candidates of any kind — not even Mitt Romney got any sort of endorsement.

    I agree that God doesn’t care who wins such contests. Whether it’s Notre Dame or BYU, it’s not one of those things that has a big impact on the grand scheme of things. But people like to pray for their sports teams, etc. and if that’s what they want to do — well, that’s up to them.

  47. lol…many of these comments made me laugh! I’m not mormon, but know EVERYTHING about it because I was raised in it. I liked Brooke and David and not because they were mormon…and when I realized they were, I quickly became annoyed at many of the mormons obsessing about it on the internet….and referring to Brooke’s underwear…I came across that on another web site, people saying Idol made her wear a short dress, and she sang horrible because she must have felt naked and guilty. Whatever. I watched that episode and it never occurred to me that her dress was short. Mormons are obsessed with finding out who is mormon (in the public eye) and bragging about it…as well as expecting that person to be perfect and not wear tank tops or skirts that are 1 inch above the knee. It’s annoying, but at the same time makes me laugh at them. It’s like being able to identify famous mormons makes them feel validated and even stronger about their faith.
    I really liked Brooke White style, and David Archuletta singing Imagine was amazing to hear….but I’m glad David Cook won….he was a real musician who was exciting to listen to and watch each week. As for Brookes album that was re-released….i thought it would be better…I honestly don’t really like it…and I thought I would love her CD. David Archuletta’s talented but his CD is kind of annoying too.

    Mormons do care a lot about what other people wear. I had a friend in the church who kept getting called to see the bishop because he didn’t want her to wear all black to church. My brother didn’t like to have a short haircut, and every sunday, they would have a special talk in Young Men’s about how they should groom themselves properly and not let their hair grow out or have side burns (singling him out). Anytime a visitor comes to church not dressed in a suit (for a man) or a skirt or dress, or if the woman is wearing a tank top…people can’t help but stare. I invited a friend to a church dance in high school and he was from a poor family. He never went to church and didn’t own a collar shirt or tie. He wore a really nice sweater and slacks and they wouldn’t let him in the dance. Like come on! It’s a freaking church dance…a kid who’s never been part of a church is willing to give up his friday night to come to a lame church dance and they won’t let him in because he doesn’t have proper clothing. Even when we told the chaparones that he didn’t own a collar shirt or tie, they still couldn’t bring themselves to that low standard of letting someone in without a collar and tie. So many leaders in the different wards I’ve been in have something up their butt. Maybe a GLOW stick!

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