Is Death So Bad?

My grandfather died earlier this evening. I’m glad I was able to go and visit him yesterday. It was strange, since he had been improving, and my dad said he was even sitting up and joking with the nurses earlier today. And now he’s gone.

But is death really so bad? If you are prepared to go, I’m not sure it would be such a bad thing. Especially if you had lived a long, full life. My grandfather was 86, and in declining health. Perhaps he was ready to put down the burden and move on.

I’m sad that my grandfather is dead, but I’m not overly upset. My faith tells me I will see him again.

1 thought on “Is Death So Bad?”

  1. Sorry to hear that, but I’m glad you were able to visit him just yesterday. I think that really helps. It’s a good reminder to stay in touch with people we care about. And to let them know how we appreciate them.

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