It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense…

You just have to say that it connects back to some act of patriotism. And you have to say it angry. With words like “revolution.” Even if there really aren’t a whole lot of parallels.

It’s not just conservatives (although they are exceptionally good at rallying the troops). Propaganda is a time-honored tradition in politics, no matter which side is doing it. (Of course, it’s not propaganda when it’s your side — it’s “facts.”)

This means that no matter which politician or pundit you are listening to, critical thinking is required. And that’s the rub. The truth is almost always somewhere in the middle, but nearly everyone these days is giving into hysteria and listening to the extremes. However, we might all be better off if we stopped listening to the Glenn Becks and Rachel Maddows of the world, and started looking at the actual issues, rather than relying on what someone else tells us is going on.

3 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense…”

  1. But it’s true though!….the democrats are always about ‘FACTS’! hehehehe 😉 Oh and I prefer to listen to R.Maddow more than get a heart attack listening to G.Beck. Seriously, I see your point. But I still hate G.Beck. :-))

  2. Ironic that just this morning I was thinking as I read the paper that propaganda has become a valid excuse to write a news story. No matter whether there is any facts to back it up, if someone feels strongly about it, if someone hates someone, if someone is outraged, it is news. Yuck!

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