I’ve Been Outed. And, Apparently, George Soros Owes Me Money.

You really do have to have tough skin to express your opinion on the Internet. Mainly because people who disagree with you are likely to call you Really Bad Names. I've been called lots of things. I'm used to it. Sometimes it bothers me a little bit, but mostly I get over it and move on.

However, something happened recently that has me thinking of the nature of insult. I know that someone on Twitter was trying insult or upset me, but all it's done is given me a funny story to tell around the dinner table. If you haven't noticed, I am a progressive. That puts me toward the liberal end of the political continuum. So, since all liberals are evil, some clearly non-liberal on Twitter is making lists. Just so you know who the terrible people are.

One of the lists this person put me on is of people who are “gay”. I am also on a list of “George Soros paid stooge bloggers”. Clearly, there is some code going on here. Because, of course, for some folks both of those things are the height of wrongness. I could only laugh. I'm not insulted by being called gay, and I wouldn't complain if George Soros wanted to pay me to write for him.

However, while these statements aren't insulting, they are inaccurate. And, while I think it's amusing that someone thinks I should be insulted by these things, it is kind of depressing that we're so uncivil as a society that we have to take people and turn them into insults.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Been Outed. And, Apparently, George Soros Owes Me Money.”

  1. Studies have shown that the internet has aided in the polarization of the USA. That is a shame, because the history of the US shows that compromises between the political forces have served the country very well.

  2. I agree. I really do think that it is too bad. I wish that we could have a little more tolerance for differing political opinions. The worst thing about all this on the Internet is the straight up hate mongering, outright lies about “them” (whoever “them” happens to be) and the way everyone who thinks differently has to be demonized as stupid, anti-American and evil. And, of course, the Internet also provides the perfect platform for anonymous trolls (and even not so anonymous trolls) to spread their vitriol.

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