Jon Stewart Exposes “Faux” News

A couple of days ago, I complained about how sloppy journalism has become a hallmark of our “news” media. One of the reasons I love Jon Stewart is that he is such a great media critic. A few days ago, he did a great job of getting after Fox News for their coverage of a recent protest. It’s not really anything new; Stewart is in a constant state of exposing conservative Rupert Murdoch’s not-so “fair and balanced” media money-maker. But it still makes me smile every time. Just as much as when he exposes CNN and MSNBC for their appalling lack of journalistic standards.

Anyway, enjoy.

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1 thought on “Jon Stewart Exposes “Faux” News”

  1. I love Jon Stewart for the same reasons Miranda. The media in general continues to blow me away at the lack of real journalism, fact checking and, in regard to Fox news, reporting certain ‘opinions’ as news!! As a side note, I don’t know much about anything when it comes to the military but I think ‘don’t as ask, don’t tell’ is ridiculous and I think it should be done away with immediately.

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