Jon Stewart Takes on Codified Discrimination

I’ve been having lots of thoughts lately about the attempts to codify discrimination. It’s discouraging that, for some reason, people seem to think that Constitutional protection of religion means that they have the right to force their religious values on everyone in sight.

I love what Jon Stewart does here. And I especially like how he brings morality into it. Because morality is about more than getting up in someone else’s bedroom business.

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1 thought on “Jon Stewart Takes on Codified Discrimination”

  1. Don’t know the details of the bill, but I assume it is intended to prevent situations like these:

    From a business standpoint, if you feel turning away customers is right and proper in whatever moral compass you subscribe to, I imagine there will be plenty of other businesses willing to take their money and provide them the desired services (cakes, flowers, photography, etc.) As for Jon Stewart claiming that Fox News is the one convincing the religious right that religion is under attack, Fox News isn’t the one filing the lawsuits against these companies with religious workers/owners.

    Ultimately, I don’t think that this would be such a bad law, if it prevents these lawsuits. I say let the market even itself out and solve it that way. If a florist doesn’t want to do gay weddings, so be it. There are other florists in the phone book. How happy of a day would the wedding really be for a gay couple that had to sue every vendor they worked with, from the florist to the photographer, DJ, baker, and caterer? Isn’t it better to let them find vendors that actually want their business and will put in their best effort?

    But I think it’s apparent that you and I feel differently on this issue.

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