Kickstarter for a Home Business Project? You Need Amazon Payments

Log this under “things I wish I realized last week”: You need Amazon Payments set up and verified before you can launch a Kickstarter for your home business project.

One of the fundraising tools that many small business owners turn to is Kickstarter. The site (and others like it) provide a way to raise money for specific projects. I know people who have been successful at funding projects on Kickstarter, like those behind I'm Fine, Thanks and Dirty Rain. As a result, I decided to use Kickstarter for a home business project I'm working on.

It's a book.

I wrote a book about professional blogging. I'd like it to be edited by a professional. I'd like to do some small-scale marketing. I'm having the book designed and laid out by professionals. And I've hired someone to work on the cover.

All this takes money. Not a ton of money, but more money than I'm comfortable shelling out right now as my family tries to figure out where we're going next. So I thought I'd raise the money on Kickstarter. But, as with all things, it helps to know all the ins and outs before you get started.

And I didn't realize that you need to have Amazon Payments set up in a certain way in order to start a home business project with Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Home Business Project

Waiting for Amazon Payment Verification

I've read a few blog posts about how to create a successful Kickstarter campaign. I even made a rather awkward video (have I mentioned before that I'm a little socially awkward?), since “they” say you need one.

I saw as I started entering my information that Amazon Payments is necessary. I didn't worry about it too much because, since I've funded projects on Kickstarter, I've used my personal Amazon Payments account to pay for things related to the web site.

Unfortunately, there's a bit of a snag. Amazon Payments has to verify my identity, and, even though I answered questions from Kickstarter verifying my identity, it's not enough. So I filled in the information Amazon Payments wanted, and now I'm waiting for my identity to be verified. Which puts me a little behind in my Kickstarter timeline.

Amazon Payments Home Business Project

I should still be ok for my planned October 17, 2013 release, but it's a little annoying.

It's my fault, I know, for not double checking everything well ahead of time to make sure that things were in order, and that I had truly everything lined up. Plus, now I have to cross my fingers hoping that my identity is verified. *sigh*

Money TreeSo, if you're thinking of using Kickstarter for your home business project funding, make sure you're set up with Amazon Payments. Give yourself plenty of time to set things up ahead of time, and make sure that all of your ducks are in a row well before your desired launch date. Otherwise, you'll find yourself delayed by bureaucratic red tape. And that's about the worst red tape you'll ever have to cut through.

I wish I had a machete.

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  1. Hey Miranda,

    Don’t fret. I have had an Amazon payments account for some time. I think the biggest thing that gave me anxiety was connecting my bank account to their service. Identity verification shouldn’t take long.

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