Kindergarten in Logan, UT: I’ve Just Suffered a Severe Disappointment

All summer I've been looking forward to kindergarten here in Logan, UT. In my class in Idaho, we had kindergarten for four hours (you know, half a day). Gavin's preschool, Morningside, was three hours each day. So I sort of thought he would be in kindergarten for 3 to 4 hours. We bought school supplies. I planned for a lovely year of not having to pay for his schooling while I had 3-4 hours to work in the mornings.

And then came today's letter. Kindergarten here is only 2 1/2 hours per day. And he doesn't even have to bring his own school supplies.

What is this, glorified preschool?

Actually, I'm not even sure it's glorified. The concern over Gavin's rhyming ability suddenly becomes clear…

I feel like screaming. Quite literally, screaming.

Now I've got to decide: Pay for private kindergarten? Or deal with this silliness from the Utah public education system?

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11 thoughts on “Kindergarten in Logan, UT: I’ve Just Suffered a Severe Disappointment”

  1. that is very strange. could it be to cuts in their budget? andrew has kindergarten all day here. i am thrilled to my toes about that. i did have to buy some odd school supplies. like two boxes of tissues. and a box of snack size sandwich bags. but those don’t cost very much. what are you choices up there?

  2. It’s not new, apparently. Kindergarten here has always been like this, I guess. I’m the idiot for expecting four hours for early childhood education. Since other places offer at least that much time for public kindergarten. (My husband had all day K growing up in New York.)

    Anyway, our options are supplementing with some sort of after school program at the university (which I’m considering) or going private kindergarten. We’ve been doing private preschool for the past two years, so we’re used to paying for it, but I was already looking forward to the extra $250 a month. Guess I’ll have to re-think that…

  3. That stinks, but leave it to Utah to skimp wherever they can. However, St. George did offered all day kindergarten. Good luck with your decision. Wow, Morningside preschool is still around huh? That is the same preschool I went to and I remember absolutely loving it. I continued there through kindergarten. I went to public school in the morning and Morningside in the afternoon because my mom worked. Don’t know if that is something they still offer?

  4. thank you…some other mom with the same take on Half of Half a Day kindergarten…RETARDED!! I grew up with all day kindergarten and thought that that was normal..when I mentioned that to friends here, I’ve had some of them come back with “well that’s just too long for a 5-6 year old..they are still so young”…I wasn’t sure how to take that seeing as I think that 1st grade is only a year after kindergarten and we expect them to just jump to all day!!?? Well why not just jump right in from the get go…like say KINDERGARTEN!! I’m so not looking forward to Kindergarten Prison days (fondly named for the fact that my time will be imprisoned around her 2 1/2 hour schedule days!).

  5. Thanks for the support! I am looking into kindergarten at Morningside. Gavin really enjoyed it last year for preschool. I just don’t know if I can still get him in. I’ve waited so long that it’s up in the air.

    I agree that it’s silly to think that a 6-7 year old can suddenly make a leap to all day school, without any sort of intermediary. That’s why I thought 3 or 4 hour kindergarten makes sense. You get practice at being in a school setting, but then you don’t have to make the 6 hour leap until the next year. It’s a natural progression.

  6. Miranda I, like you, have been frequently disappointed with Utah’s public education. (Even with the little things like buying school supplies. I LOVE buying school supplies!) And I came thisclose to pulling Elaina out of her school and switching to a charter this year. However, once I mentioned the possibility, she broke down in sobs. For, while the curriculum is lame and frequently leaves me frustrated, her principal is amazing and her teachers have been, too- doing the best they can with what they have to work with. I know this isn’t Utah standard, but it’s kept us in public school…so far.

  7. I think public school is important, so I want him to go. Plus, I’m not impressed with the charter schools here in Logan (nor the one older-than-K private school). So I want him to have friends.

    I’ve settled on having him go to the measly 2 1/2 hours in the morning public K and then supplementing it with three hours twice a week at Morningside.

  8. We home schooled until Thomas Edison Charter School South opened. Two great things:

    1. Parent involvement is encouraged and expected.

    2. The curriculum is consistent through all grades. For example, reading and writing taught through the Spalding Method. So the kindergarten is learning the same things the higher grades are. Kindergarten really is the beginning of school. They’re having a “Back to School Night” and open house Aug 19th from 6 – 8. Of course everyone is welcome to come take look if you haven’t already.

  9. I am from Arizona and its a known fact that the education system in this state is not very good. I know nothing of Utah’s education system and this post brings little hope that Utah is much better. I have a little toddler and I have already thought about how exciting Kindergarten is going to be for him – my hope is that its not a 2 1/2 hour play date with other kids cause in that amount of time what can a child really learn. My husband and I would love to see the school YEAR and DAY extended to improve our children’s education and to ensure our education system in our state and country are able to compete with other countries…probably not going to happen anytime soon!!

  10. Thanks for sharing, Jared! I will have to look into charter school. Maybe I would like that better.

    Also, thanks for your comments, Miller Family! And good luck with the Arizona school system. I agree that a better emphasis on education in this country would be good for us as a society in the long run.

  11. We are a military family, and moved to Logan about a year ago. My eldest just started Kindergarten and let me tell you…it makes me want to tear my hair out! Not only do they have these insane requirements to ATTEND the school (really? count to 30? know how to write their name/address/phone number at FIVE?!, know how to read over 50 selected words). Don’t get me started on the FOUR hours of homework we do a night. I spend at least 2 hours getting it all sorted out, and another 2 hours helping her do it. Aside from that, she spends less time in school then she does doing homework. Another pet peeve of mine is that I HAVE sat in on her classroom. They do “fun” stuff like painting pumpkins (and learning nothing), but when she comes home we don’t have the time to spend doing fun stuff or the class has already done it.

    We also spent money on school supplies to be told later that they weren’t needed. I’m not a fan of the “rhyming” either. Did you ask your kid’s teacher about the state tests they give? Did you know that my daughter’s teacher actually told me that they ask the questions on the tests a specific way, and if the kids don’t understand say the word “sort” they fail them on the spot! No rephrasing the question. No taking the time to actually work with your child.

    I asked earlier in the year if my daughter could miss 2 days of school to pick up/drop off her daddy at the airport, and they gave me a huge fit over it. He only visits once a year when he’s deployed like this. I didn’t think it was a huge issue and even if they didn’t approve it, I was going to keep her out of it. Not only that, but apparently Kindergarten is NOT required by the state. Meaning, even if your kid misses days of school and they spam call you or get angry about it – they can’t hold it against you or your kid! Such a big deal over something not required!!!

    Also, my daughter’s teacher is 22! She is newly married. No kids. She is HORRIBLE with the kids. I went on the school field trip and she acted like her students didn’t even exist. Horrible!

    We’re looking into sending her to the charter school or homeschooling. I hope we can come to a solution soon, because my child is actually learning more at home then she is at school. When it comes to her being at school, I’m all for it because she needs to learn to be social. However, she’s not learning a damn thing and it seems like a huge waste of time.

    PS. Did you know my daughter’s teacher told us if her bday fell on a day during the school year (it doesn’t), that SHE would have to bring in cupcakes to the other students. They want to promote her bday not being just about her, and she shouldn’t feel special about it. Huh???

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