Las Vegas: Then and Now

SO, this past weekend I went to Las Vegas for Blogworld. It was fun. I met some people. Got to see some bloggers I admire in person. And I learned a few things.

But what was most fun for me was seeing my college buddy Shanna.

And that got me thinking about what we used to do in Las Vegas. I've been to Vegas a lot. But when we were in college, we were all about being on the Strip. And doing things like visiting Coke World and riding gondolas at the Venetian and riding roller coasters and hanging out in the Luxor and the Excalibur. I liked going to the art exhibit at the Bellagio (and watching the fountains) and even sometimes dropping a quarter into the slots.

But the Strip didn't seem as interesting when I got to Vegas this time.

This go, it was all about the Las Vegas that exists off the Strip. Shanna took me to a great tapas place and to a Greek food festival. Yum!

So, in the end, I actually had a lot more fun off the Strip than on. But we did go to the TechSet party at the Bare lounge at the Mirage…

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