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Recently, I spoke with LocalJobNetwork.com about the life of a professional blogger. Learn more about professional blogging, and how you can get started.

I’ve received some questions recently about my life as a professional blogger. While I’ve got a book that you can buy (get the PDF version directly from this site or head to Amazon for the Kindle or hardcopy version), and that offers — I think — solid information about how to get started, you can also find tips for for free. I offer free content around the web, on this site and others, and I have been interviewed about professional blogging.

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Recently, I spoke with LocalJobNetwork.com about my life as a professional blogger. You can listen to the segment (which is a little more than 18 minutes) and find out a little bit more about my typical day, and for some quick tips on how to get started.

Also, you can get another view of the not-so-exciting-and-glamorous life of a professional blogger and freelancer by listening to my interview on My University Money’s More Money for Beer and Textbooks Podcast. (Also, if you are a student, considering buying More Money for Beer and Textbooks. It’s a solid read from a couple of really knowledgeable guys.)

There’s no reason to sit around and say “I wish I had the flexibility to work from home.” The reality is that you can get started as a professional blogger. When I first started, I didn’t even know what a blog was. Now, just about everyone knows what a blog is, and the barrier to entry is low. If you have some writing skills, and you are willing to hustle a bit to get started, you can become a professional blogger.

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