Lego Indiana Jones

We buy very few things when they first come out. Mainly because by showing patience for a few months, we can save a great deal of money on things that we don’t actually need (mostly electronics). We do this for movies — we rarely see something in the theater. We do this for computers and TVs. And even for the PS3. (Josh had a buddy who had to get the PS3 when it came out. He paid $700 for a 20 gig. By waiting a few months, we got a 60 gig for $450 with a rebate.)

At any rate, one of the exceptions is entertaining stuff that we really like. We liked Lego Star Wars so much that we decided that we would buy Lego Indiana Jones yesterday when it came out. (We also got a movie for $5 with purchase of the game.)

While the game is fun, it isn’t as fun as the Star Wars game. But it great that there is a more interactive environment, and the gameplay is smoother. But I do miss the variety of cool characters. Why would you want to be anyone but Indiana Jones?

Despite the mild letdown with Lego Indiana Jones, though, I am still looking forward to the autumn release of the Lego Batman game.

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