SO, if you know me at all, you know I’m a crazy liberal. So I liked this image. Of course, I am not a Democrat (I am not fond of the two-party system). I consider myself a progressive with populist leanings. Which makes me liberal. And I really identify with this JFK quote.

6 thoughts on “Liberal”

  1. I feel I am very similar. Many times I mention how I feel about politics, what the government is doing – my family and friends just label me a Democrat. I too don’t like the two party system. I also don’t like the notion that just because you are part of a party you believe other members of the party do. That quote from JFK is wonderful and said a lot of what I’d like to say to the conservative community I live in. My mother is a registered Republican but sometimes when I hear her vent about the current state of things some would think she was a “liberal” or a “Democrat”! I think what I think – I am no label or party. The battle should be to have a country full of citizens making our country a better place despite the bad economy NOT political parties playing games with ideals and “morals”.

  2. I also consider myself a liberal but feel then Democratic party pretty much abandoned liberalism back in the 80s. But I vote Democrat because the Republican party abandoned the people in the 70s. The 1870s. Lincoln started that party out well. “of the people, for the people and by the people”… Now that party is of the rich, for the rich and by the rich. The Democratic party is only slightly better, but at least there is that slight.

  3. I, personally, am not liberal. I am a conservative (yes, wild-eyed, screwy conservative).. But I just wanted to say I agree with disregard for the stupidity of a 2-party system. Both parties have left their bases for .. well .. Communism? Socialism? I don’t know. Anyway, good for you for being independent and having a point of view, instead of following a herd.

  4. Thanks, all! I think we would be better off if we took a deep breath, listened to what the candidates were saying, and watching their actions, and deciding based on our own ideas of what would be best. Instead, though, our society gets caught up in listening to party and pundits, and don’t actually know what is really going on. Part of the problem is a tendency to not look at other viewpoints and adhere to the “party line.” It stifles critical thinking.

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