Life Happens

I was rather touched to receive a few emails from friends who wondered where I've been the last month. Well, life sort of happened. And February is a ridiculously short month, leaving very little leeway in the way I meet the post requirements for my various blog clients.

So, for those of you who care, this is sort of what I've been doing for the last month:

  • We bought a car (something that involves looking and, in our case, driving to Salt Lake). Now we're a two-car family. Of course, now we fight over who gets to drive the shiny Prius.
  • I've been taking guitar lessons. And, well, practice is necessary when you're learning a musical instrument.
  • We went to Idaho to visit my grandpa, who has a staph infection. (We're going again next week.)
  • My parents came down from Idaho for a weekend.
  • Presidents' Day meant that Josh and The Boy were both home from school.
  • Parent teacher conferences.
  • Taxes. (Well, getting the stuff together. Paul at Saunders & Wangsgard actually does them.)
  • The Boy got sick.
  • I got sick.

Anyway, I'm feeling better, spring is almost here and I'm terribly optimistic about the coming month — in spite of the shenanigans going on in the world.

Hope you're all well also.

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4 thoughts on “Life Happens”

  1. I checked your blog just yesterday (or maybe it was the day before) because I thought maybe the reader feed was broken or something. :p Glad to hear things are going well (despite some sickness). :o)

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