Listen to Me! Interviews with Chris Gaddis and PT Money

Over the summer, I've been interviewed twice. For one interview, I'm just talking about blog posts that have appeared on blogs I write for, and sharing some of the tips. The other interview is about my life as a freelance writer, and how I run my work from home business. If you have an hour (each interview is half an hour long), take a listen:

Chris Gaddis, WIOX 91.3 Roxbury, MONEY TRAIN

Chris Gaddis shares his money knowledge every Wednesday morning on a local radio station. It's located in the Catskills, an area of the country I've come to love, since my husband is from near there. Beautiful country. So it was fun to talk to Chris — even if it was 7 am for me.

Here is a link to the radio interview.

Phil Taylor, owner PT Money

I am a staff writer on PT Money, one of the many great personal finance sites out there. The owner, PT, is also the mastermind behind the Financial Blogger Conference happening the first weekend in October. I super-pumped to go meet the people I've “met” online. Plus, it's a great excuse to go to Chicago.

At any rate, here is my interview with PT. He asks me about how I got started doing what I do, as well as asking questions about what my day is like, and my writing process. Plus, he lets me plug my book. Listen for the sound of the doorbell (it rings twice); my online buddies joked about how “authentic” it makes the interview. 🙂

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