Looking for 2012 Investing Ideas? Here are a Few from Value Stock Guide

Find interesting ideas for your 2012 portfolio with a little help from these reports complied by Shailesh Kumar.

The start of a new year often features an interesting in shaking things up with your investment plan. Your spending plan should include investing, especially since it can help you grow your wealth faster.

There are a number of different schools of thought when it comes to investing. Some people prefer to stick to index funds and ETFs based on specific indexes. Others consider investing in a wide variety of assets. And, still others like the idea of looking for so-called “value stocks” and add them to their portfolios.

You do want to do what is best for you, and follow an investment strategy that reflects your personal financial priorities. And if you are looking for some value stocks to add to your investment portfolio, my good Internet friend Shailesh Kumar has some ideas.

Investing Ideas from Value Stock Guide

Shailesh runs Value Stock Guide, a site that offers information on value stocks, stock picks and more. In the interest of transparency and disclosure, I feel I should tell you that I used to write for him back when he owned Financial Highway?(he’s since sold that site), and that we stay in touch. Additionally, I do, in fact, have a membership at Value Stock Guide, which was provided to me free of charge because of my long-standing professional relationship with Shailesh.

But all of that doesn’t make his ideas for 2012 any less valid. Indeed, if you are looking for some interesting ideas for the New Year, you can check out some of the reports he compiled on the subject. The links below take you to the web site, where you can see the picks, and then, if you like, download a more detailed Excel report.

  1. 32 Best Dividend Stocks for 2012: If you are looking to build your income portfolio with the help of dividend stocks, this report contains some interesting ideas. You can beef up your income portfolio with stocks that show promise in terms of yield and dividend growth rate.
  2. 31 Best Large Cap Stocks to Buy for 2012: Some people prefer large caps, and this report includes only picks with a market capitalization of at least $2.31 billion. He’s also included P/E information and other helpful valuation data.
  3. 21 Best Investments in Mid Cap Stocks for 2012: Interested in mid caps? This report can help you identify some promising ideas for the coming year.
  4. 50 Best Small Cap Stock Picks for 2012: As with the large caps and mid caps, the information about the small cap picks include valuation data, including P/E, Price/Book and PEG. These stocks represent good values with solid potential.

As always, do your own research before you invest in any stock. While I think that Shailesh has great ideas, you shouldn’t blindly follow anyone’s?advice blindly. Instead, use the above reports as a starting point if you are interested in identifying some interesting investing possibilities for 2012.

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