Looking for Home Business Success? You Need to Put Yourself Out There

Are you ready for a little self-promotion? If you want home business success, you need to sell yourself.

I've got a serious self-promotion problem. I don't like getting out there and promoting myself. For the most part, that's not a huge problem. I've managed to build a reputation in a low-key manner, and I really don't have to get out there and promote myself big time if I want writing gigs.

But what about the next phase of my home business? I recognize what's happening with Google and I know that I need to diversify if I want my home business to survive.

So I need to branch out. And that means that I need to start selling myself.

Hustling for Home Business Success

Anyone who owns a home business knows that there's a lot of hustle involved to make it successful. Even though I sometimes take a low-key approach to my home business, I remember the years of hustle — of keyword articles and taking anything I could get.

Now, though, it looks like I'm back to the need for hustle. I've become complacent about my home business, and I'm reluctant to get out there and promote myself anyway. But if I want to take my home business to the next level and make sure that it survives the vagaries of Google, I need to get out there and promote different projects.

The project I should be promoting right now is my new book. However, I've been slow to even do that. In fact, I put it on Kindle on a whim, and it took me almost a whole day to tell anyone. What I need to do is own the damn thing, write some guest posts, and tell everyone how awesome it is. My problem is that I have a hard time getting out there and telling everyone how great I am and how awesome my book is.

If I want my home business to achieve the next level, I need to do something similar. I need to invest in myself and my other projects.

Home business success requires some degree of risk-taking. It means you put yourself out there and risk the fact that others might not like what you do. And it means you work hard to make sure others know you are there.

6 thoughts on “Looking for Home Business Success? You Need to Put Yourself Out There”

  1. I think you’re a huge inspiration Miranda! Everywhere I turn I see your name beside a blog post. I just switched to being a full time blogger/writer and I am trying to keep myself on the right track and do some self promotion. I think if you promoted your book more that everyone would love to read it.

    I just bought your book! Can’t wait to read!

  2. Hi Miranda,

    I found your blog on BizSugar so you’re doing good about getting your name out there. I know what you mean about self-promotion.

    I’m not that big of a fan at it either. However, as you mentioned most of the people who have had success have learned how to become good at self-promotion.

    Thanks for sharing and I know that you’ll do great at promoting your products. Thanks for sharing and good luck.

  3. Shobir | Find Some Money

    I definitely agree with you, I think proper self promotion can open the most rewarding doors. I also think there’s a fine line between blowing your own trumpet and honestly information people what you can offer, it’s important not to over do it. Great post, thanks for sharing.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with you. Even in this digital age it is the personal relationship you build by meeting people in person that helps you get more business and sell more books.

  5. I completely understand. It’s like I’m being self-centered sharing my blog posts, etc. But I thought as I read this, that if you are really wanting to help people with your book and blog, you have to tell them first. You can do it!

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