Lunar Eclipse Tonight!

This is very exciting, since it will be at a prime viewing time here in Logan for the lunar eclipse. Head on out around 7 pm or so and watch the show.

Meanwhile, here is a taste of a lunar eclipse.

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  1. i LOVE this kind of stuff!! thanks so much for posting it so I know to watch! How did you know about it? The need a “cool-things-that-happen-in-the-skies-and-when-they’re-going-to-happen” e-mail list. And it would send out reminder e-mails the day of :).

  2. I love space, and stars and what-not (my career goal used to be astrophysicist), so I keep track of these things through newsreaders. You can sign up for alerts on “lunar eclipse.”

  3. I am sad that we missed it with all of our traveling this week. I read your article in the HJ today and I have to tell you that it made me laugh! Also, I have another reason that we cannot get a game system; to many injuries.

  4. Thanks for reading my article :0)

    The eclipse wasn’t as spectacular as it could have been. I blame seeing conditions. But it was outside my living room window. I could just relax on the couch with a book and take a look every few minutes.

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