I Miss Writing at a Desk

I didn’t realize how much I like writing at a desk until I didn’t have the option. Now I’m going a little crazy.

A couple of years ago, I had a mild argument with my husband. It was time to get rid of the old desktop computer I used for my day-to-day writing, and move on to something else. Thinking about how sometimes I liked to sit on the couch and write, I thought that maybe, instead of buying another desktop, it would make sense to buy a souped-up laptop.

I didn’t consider placing the laptop on the desk to write, though, since I don’t like the setup when you try and turn a laptop into a desktop. It’s just uncomfortable with the placement of the keyboard. At any rate, I was sure that I could do my writing just fine without a desk and desktop.

writing at a desk

My husband disagreed, pointing out that I had no real experience being forced to work without a desktop. We went back and forth about for a while, I looked online at my options, and then I realized that I could get more computing bang for my buck with a desktop, so my desire to save $800 won out and I bought the desktop.

All the while thinking “You’re wrong, you’re wrong, you’re wrong” at my husband.

Because writing at a desk was totally unnecessary for me as a freelancer and location-independent professional.

I Discover How Much I Love Writing at a Desk

Today, I’m eating crow.

I miss writing at a desk.

Very, very much.

I haven’t been able to sit at a desk and write for about six weeks now, since we got rid of my table in the old place and moved to the new. At first, it was something of an adventure.

We got rid of the table in my home office, and it was fine because I could write on the couch. But I also had a reduce workload because I was saying no. And I spent some time at my parents’, so there was that traveling/novelty aspect.

Then we moved.

When we first got here, we had air mattresses to sleep on, and that was it. We were waiting for the moving company to bring our stuff. After a couple of days of sitting on the floor and sitting on the air mattress, I realized that a chair is indispensable. After our things arrived and I had a couch to sit on, I was reasonably pleased for a few days.

But not anymore.

I’m tired of sitting on the couch. I’m considering setting up my desktop on the table, even though the table is not the proper height to accommodate my writing happy place.

Because of the amount of work I do, a desktop computer, sitting on a desk, is my ideal. It’s the best way for me to be productive. I’m going a little crazy.

Unfortunately, it will be a couple more weeks before I get a desk. It’s an Amish-made desk, though, so I assume it will be worth waiting for. Please, oh please, oh please let it be worth waiting for.

Because right now the couch is killing me.

Where do you like to write? Could you really permanently work on the couch or in the coffee shop?

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  1. I completely sympathize with your situation! Not having a desk has nearly killed me before.

    What I’ve done awkwardly in the past:

    -Sat my laptop atop a giant Rubbermaid container and sat up next to it when I moved into a new house.

    -Sat on my floor with my back against the wall when I moved again without even a bed.

    A desk makes such a difference. My back hurts just thinking about those working positions. Anything that takes me away from my work needs nixed: back pain, hunger, dehydration, a slow machine, roommates chattering like hyenas…

    Mmmm Amish furniture. 🙂

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