Mitt Romney Gone. I Wonder What They Offered Him…

Mitt Romney, as you probably know by now, suspended his campaign. Technically, it doesn’t mean he dropped out completely; he kept his delegates. But for all intents and purposes, he’s done. Now this is how I expect Republicans to behave. Get behind a leader as early as possible and start the unified campaign. While the Democrats try and figure out who they’re going with, the Republicans can get a jump on them. And if there’s something Republicans are good at, its pulling it together and dominating the message.

This is the only strategy they have that has a hope of winning the White House this go. Control the conversation and hammer home a message. Preferably one that scares the crap out of us and encourages to forget the domestic messes we need to address. Romney started it last night with the nonsense that somehow electing a Democrat would be giving in to terrorism.

But my question is this: What did they offer Romney? I’m not sure he’s viable for the veep position just yet (but “proving” his popularity by keeping his delegates might help), but who knows. But someone who makes a showing like Romney did is always offered something so that he will sacrifice himself this time for the “good of the party.”

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3 thoughts on “Mitt Romney Gone. I Wonder What They Offered Him…”

  1. Why do you automatically assume someone offered him something? Maybe when he realized there was pretty much no chance of him actually winning he decided he didn’t want to waste any more of his money on the campaign. He’s already used quite a bit of his own money, why throw more of it down the toilet for nothing?

  2. *shrug* I could be wrong, but he was rather emphatic about not quitting pretty much up until he made the announcement.

    And besides, it’s in line with the Republican strategy. Consolidate as early as possible, get behind the nominee, and dominate the message.

    And Republicans are also well known for rewarding those that play ball. If Romney plays the game, he can expect a reward of some kind.

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