Mitt Romney Scores Victory #1

I've never seen the Republicans so divided before. One expects this sort of disparate behavior from the Dems, but one does not expect to see three different primary-style races yield three different winners among Republicans (the Mitt Romney pulling through in Michigan blowing open the whole Republican nomination).

Of course, if Romney had lost in his home state (that's right — he's Mormon and he saved the Salt Lake Olympics, but he's from Michigan), where he campaigned relentlessly, it might have been the death knell. But he's got a fighting change at the Republican nomination. I still don't know if I'm convinced he'll win the nomination (much less the presidency), but who knows?

I'm still trying to work out how I feel about Romney. See, I liked the Mitt Romney who was elected governor of Massachusetts. The new Mitt Romney that panders to the intolerant and really conservative — yet the minority — elements in the party bothers me. Much the same way that the new pandering John McCain bothers me. (Don't get me started about how I feel about Bush and his tactics against McCain in the 2000 primary. Bush's biggest crime? Denying us a competent president with war experience. One that probably would have done Afghanistan right and not taken us to Iraq in the first place.)

Of course Super Tuesday is still weeks away, with primaries in between.

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