Modular Homes are an Investor’s Dream Come True

For investors looking to maximize their earnings quickly, modular homes are an excellent choice. In terms of global properties, many foreign nations haven?t fully grasped the high turnaround value of modular homes. As an investor, you could corner the market, thus creating profits, as well as providing affordable homes for the nation?s residents.

Factory built homes are sold worldwide for big bucks. Keeping reading to learn how you make this solid real estate investment, and turn your sale around quickly, for huge profits.

Investing in Modular Homes

Investing in modular homes can result in a quick sale, and therefore a fast influx of cash. These homes are built in a factory, in as little as two weeks. The home is constructed in pieces, and then it?s put together at your build site. After that, it?s just another two ? four weeks until your builder completes the project. Overall, construction costs are affordable, meaning you can expect to sell the property for considerably more than it would cost you to build it ? and, all in less than two months.

It?s up to you whether you sell the property or rent it. Investors have made considerable funds doing both. Modular home manufacturers create different models for different investment options. For example, Palm Harbor in Dallas, Texas offers floor plans for single-family homes, as well as floor plans for duplexes and other rental properties.

Location and land value will factor into the sale price, so it?s important to build the house in a desirable area that?s enticing to buyers. If you choose to split the house into apartments you?ll be paid rent each month and over time, the modular home will result in considerable profits.

Modular Homes are More Valuable than You May Think

In truth, modular homes are a valuable purchase, and well worth investing in. People assume that modular homes depreciate in value, but this is one of many myths surrounding modular homes. In fact, it?s quite the opposite. Just like site-build homes, modular homes can increase in value.

It?s all about location and maintenance. If your modular home is built in a bad neighborhood, it may depreciate in value, but so do the site-built homes in that neighborhood. A good location can secure the property as highly valuable, so keep that in mind when you?re considering land for the home. Regular maintenance will ensure the home holds up against the test of time, but that doesn?t mean the home isn?t well-built. All homes require regular maintenance to retain their value.

Modular homes are built to remain strong, even in the event of natural disasters. The 2004 Hurricane Charley showed this strength in action. The storm caused about $11 billion in damage, and yet the modular and manufactured homes by Palm Harbor?seemed to withstand the 130 mph winds, despite being directly in the path of the storm. Palm Harbor’s survival rate during the second-worst hurricane in U.S. history?was extremely high and so is this town’s opinion of modular homes.

A Smart Investment

The cost ratio falls in the investor?s favor. It costs significantly less to build a modular home, which results in an instant appreciation when the modular home hits the market. Your home will be worth more the very moment you list it. This is a dream come true for investors, especially those looking for a foreign real estate market that isn?t already saturated in investment developments and site-built homes.

2 thoughts on “Modular Homes are an Investor’s Dream Come True”

  1. Hello, thank you Miranda!

    My husband & I own a good size lot over 1/2 acre in WPB Fl and we are trying to search for a modular home for investment as a rental and pay cash.

    Trouble is we don’t know where to start and who to buy from! We only have a 50,000 budget complete with all hookups. I wonder if you know what builder is worthy of good quality and construction that is reputable? I have checked SOME companies I also am confused as to whether to buy used? Like a repo? Just don’t want the “Trailer” look!

    I appreciate this so very much if you have any advice or expertise.

    thank you enjoyed your article!

    Kathy Bryant

  2. Hi Miranda, I found it interesting when you said that modular homes also increase in value. My brother is trying to look for a house near his new work. If I will show this to him, I am sure he may consider purchasing a modular home. Thanks a lot.

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