Mormons Exposed — For Lack of Modesty

I've been trying not to think about this whole Mormons Exposed thing, but since reading about it on Nemesis and Nomad‘s blogs I can't stop thinking about it.

At any rate, this really bothers me on so many levels. Mainly, I am annoyed with the whole “revealing” part of an interview with one of these Mormons Exposed guys on MSN. The part where it wouldn't be right for a woman to show her chest. It isn't, but that's not what bothers me. For some reason we (and by “we” I mean some Mormons) forget that modesty applies to men as well as women. The point of garments is to keep us modest. We're not supposed to be looking for reasons not to wear them. And, you might notice, they cover all the same parts on a man as they do on a woman. So that tells me that men are meant to be modest as well.

So, showing off your body, for any reason, but especially for vanity's sake, is not modest. I mean it's one thing to wear a swimsuit (interestingly, many men I know wear T-shirts when they go swimming), but it's quite another to go around parading your body for adoration. That's the opposite of modesty. I wonder what Mr. “Tastefully Done” would think of women in one piece suits, or even tankinis that showed the belly (but not the chest) a little. My guess is that he wouldn't find that appropriately modest for women. But it is obviously “tastefully done” and modest, in his opinion, for men.

The joy of double standards.

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