Mormons Should Have Tried Harder for David Archuleta?

If every Mormon listed on the rolls of the LDS Church in the U.S. had just put in three extra votes in American Idol, David Archuleta would have won.

I didn't do my part. I haven't been watching A.I. since the audition episodes ended.

But I was greeted by story this morning from Yahoo! News:

Mouths dropped, eyes widened and several teenage girls hugged and cried when host Ryan Seacrest announced that the “Idol” crown went to: “David,” followed by a long pause, “Cook!”

“Did you feel that?” said Skippy Jessop, 30, his homemade sign now headed for the trash bin. “It felt like a punch in the gut. We all just stood there with our mouths hanging open.” …

Trisha Webber's sign boasted 602 text-message votes for Archuleta — all of them sent during Tuesday night's final showdown. …

“Everyone in that stadium needed to vote 1,000 more times,” the legal assistant said. “It hurts.”

3,000 people were at EnergySolutions Arena (and thousands more gathered together in various places around the state) to hear the announcement that David Archuleta had won. And had their faith shaken.

How could he have not won? Is it an evangelical conspiracy? Why can't a Mormon win in a popularity contest? (You remember Mitt Romney's presidential bid.) If we up our missionary efforts can we swing more votes next time?

In the end, I guess it's proof that God has more important things to worry about.

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4 thoughts on “Mormons Should Have Tried Harder for David Archuleta?”

  1. I didn’t vote for David A because I am a David Cook fan. I thought it was cool that a Mormon made it that far but I didn’t want to vote for him only because I wanted a Mormon to win. I wanted a rocker to win American Idol for once! The same can be said as to why I didn’t vote for Romney!! P.S. If I was to vote for a Mormon to win it would have been for Brooke White over David Archuleta

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